Oahu Maternity Photographer | Glowing in Nuuanu Valley Park

Oahu Maternity Photographer under a canopy of trees near sunset in honolulu

Beach or Park for Family Photos?

Hours before our scheduled session we were still undecided. Should we have the photo session at a favorite park or a favorite beach? Personally, I love them both but how do you decide?

Some toddlers are not fans of the beach. The sand seems to annoy them to no end. It seeps into their shoes, sticks to their fingers and toes, and makes them incredibly cranky. Others can’t seem to get enough beach. They roll in the sand, eat it, and rub it in their hair. Marli was a little more on the “annoyed by the beach” end of the spectrum. Today, however, she was insisting on a trip to the beach. She even went as far as putting on her favorite swimsuit – inside out and with arms in the leg holes, but her point was clear. What to do? In a flash decision, we chose the park and hoped for the best.

Worth the Bumps?

Long weeks of winter rain left the park a vibrant green paradise. Moss grew in great clumps along every branch while vines dripped from the canopy. Meanwhile, we navigated toddler-sized monstera and philodendron on the ground. The massive leaves rippled slightly under the influence of a slight evening breeze. It was a serene and beautiful scene – almost perfect. Almost.

As I danced along deeper into the park, giddy in all that golden light, I noticed a high pitched whine. I sighed and glanced down. As suspected, my legs were covered with a fine dusting of mosquitoes. They were unusually dense. For most, the bites are a slight annoyance, but others suffer more dramatically. After a few minutes in the park’s interior, little Marli was already suffering from large itchy welts. We said goodbye to the pretty light and retreated quickly. The welts have long since disappeared but the beautiful images remain.

toddler perched on a pregnant belly during a maternity photo shoot in hawaii
sweet family taking maternity portraits at nuuanu valley park
dad and toddler daughter playing during a family photo session in hawaii
sweet toddler and mom during maternity photoshoot in oahu
closeup portrait of a sweet toddler girl during a family photo session in hawaii
toddler girl jumping into moms arms during a maternity photo session in oahu
mom and toddler girl play under a giant tree at nuuanu park oahu
sweet family snuggles at sunset during a materntiy family photo session
toddler with a hand on moms pregnant belly during a family photo session in oahu hawaii
mom adjusting toddler girls dress in the sunshine
starburst through the trees at sunset during a family maternity photography shoot in nuuanu oahu

Are You Expecting?

Let me plan a fun evening so you can capture your family before the big changes a new baby brings. Take a pause from all the preparation and focus on enjoying this time. Find out more about my maternity and family photography sessions here. I offer shorter options too if you need something short and sweet.

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