Oahu First Birthday Photo Celebration | Water Baby

Feeling the Love

portrait of mom and baby at sunrise

Some people are just so caring, patient, and empathetic that you know they’re going to be amazing parents. They take care of everyone, are great listeners, and are simply a joy to be around. Hoala is one of those people and it was such a happy day when I heard that she was expecting her first child

Now, a year into her adventures into parenthood she celebrated the milestone with a morning off to spend time with her favorite person. She was simply glowing with love and happiness and it was so special to be able to capture this time for her.

A Quiet Sunrise at Kualoa Beach

Her little guy has been a quintessential water baby since birth. A true island baby, he would plunge himself into the water and taught himself to swim before he could even walk. In the past we met at the family farm for photos, but this time we knew his one-year-old session would have to take place at the beach.

We met on a quiet morning at Kualoa Regional Park under the warm glow of sunrise. The sprawling park was virtually empty with the exception of a raucous group of Mynah birds and Cattle Egrets that seemed to be having some time of messy disagreement.

He started out a little shy, but his smiles grew the closer we go to the ocean. That was his happy place and it wasn’t long before he was soaking wet.

mom and playing at kualoa beach park at sunrise
mom hugs baby tightly during a sunrise photo session in oahu
baby walking in the sand at sunrise kualoa oahu
baby after getting splashed by water at the beach in hawaii
mom kisses baby at sunrise
portrait of a baby sitting on the sand at sunrise for a photo session at kualoa beach oahu
mom helping baby take first steps at the beach
happy baby snuggling mom

Take the Plunge

To bring out the best smiles we moved to the far end of the park and plunged into the protected lagoon. This led to big smiles and snuggles and much laughing. Unfortunately, the sun ducked behind a bank of clouds and things got a little chilly. We didn’t last long, but we had the best time

happy portrait of mom and baby in the water at kualoa by little bird photography
mom and baby at kualoa beach park oahu
mom and baby play in the water during a hawaii photo session
Oahu First Birthday Photo Celebration in the water at kualoa park
oahu baby photographer captures mom and baby snuggling at the beach in oahu
underwater portrait of mom and baby in oahu hawaii with kualoa mountains in the background
mom holding naked baby at the beach during a photo session in oahu hawaii

Do You Have a Little Water Baby in Your Family?

No need to try and keep the kids dry for family photos! Let’s plan a fun morning where you can jump in and bring out the best smiles and pure joy. Those are moments worth capturing. Find out more about my family photography sessions here.


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