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Far From Home

The clouds rolled in earlier that week and stubbornly decided to stay. Thick layers of fluff blanketed the sky prompting locals to pull on sweaters and pants in the resulting chill. But for this family visiting all the way from China on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, there was no backup plan. It was their last full day on Oahu and we had no more reschedule days. We decided to chance it.

A String of Rainy Days

Feeling anxious, I arrived at Waimanalo Beach excessively early and stared out at the roiling ocean, trying to predict the future. The Makapuu cliffs were glowing an eery gold while the rest of the sky was cast in ominous shades of blue. And then the rain came.

Disheartened, I walked back to my car and watched the rain spatter on my windshield as I obsessively refreshed my weather app. Light rain for the next 10 minutes. Light rain for the next 15 minutes. I let out an audible sigh and noticed a bright spot in the distance. Jing and her family had arrived and lifted my spirits in their bright yellow clothes.

I ran out to meet them and was relieved to find them in good spirits, unfazed by the drizzle. We made our way out the beach as the rain slowed to a stop and were awed by the scene that unfolded before us. The formerly ominous skies had been replaced by soft pastels for a light, peaceful feeling.

A Happy Baby

Unsure if it would rain again, we started to play and explore right away. Baby Aaron was approaching his first birthday so this session doubled as first birthday portraits and a reminder of their time in Hawaii.

He did what babies do best. Explore the world. With his mouth, with his hands, with his toes – he was captivated by all of it. When the sun finally emerged in a burst of humidity an hour later, he was running out of steam. It was time for a well-deserved nap.

Watch their family film below

And see a sample from their family photo session here –

family with a baby walks on empty sherwood beach in waimanalo oahu
family of three laughs at the beach
adorable baby photos at the beach in hawaii
family tossing baby in air seen through the trees at sherwood forest oahu
hawaii baby photos eating a leaf at the beach
mom helping baby walk at the waters edge with reflection and mountains behind oahu hawaii
happy baby at the beach in hawaii
family explores waimanalo beach for Oahu Family Photos and Films
mom holds happy baby in the air at the beach
landscape portrait of mom and baby at waimanalo beach at sunrise in oahu hawaii by little bird photography
family of 3 in waimanalo beach during a family photo session
family holding baby in the air against a blue sky

Do You Have a Baby or Toddler?

Capturing their ever-changing stages and personalities with a family film and photos makes for a wonderful time-capsule. You will be able to return and re-live those sweet moments when they have long passed. It’s like a hug from the past. Find out more about my fun family photos and films here.

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