Oahu Family Photography Beach | A Quiet Sunset Over the Koolaus

The Transformation

Maybe one of my favorite things about photographing families with young kids is the challenge. When we first meet they are often quiet and unsure. They hide behind mom’s leg or cling like koalas. Sometimes they’re unhappy, howling in misery from their car seats, kicking and thrashing in protest when exasperated parents try to extract them. That’s when I get to work. What words or game will turn this situation around? No family is exactly alike so it’s a bit like a puzzle. Push a little there, pull a little here and finally a click! They’re happy and laughing and are so fully engrossed in playing and exploring that any thoughts of protest or hesitation disappear.

One memorable toddler refused to get of the car. He shut the door when I approached and stared at me with narrowed eyes while stomping his feet and screaming. Ten minutes later he was excitedly showing me his rock collection and he had so much fun that it was fully dark before we could pull him away from the beach.

Karyn’s sweet children we’re not protestors, merely unsure and hesitant. And because of COVID, I had to wear a mask which I’ve learned is a handicap with the younger crowd. When they can’t see my expressions, they have a harder time connecting. But before long the little explorers were in their happy place.

A Secret Beach

We were hoping to play on the beach under soft rays of evening sunshine at Kualoa Beach Park. Although the forecast had been promising I felt doubtful as I made the sinuous drive up the windward coast. Thick clouds dominated the sky and they seemed to stick stubbornly on the mountain tops. The sun was nowhere in site.

To avoid crowds we made our way up the beach past picnicking families, over tree roots, and through a tree tunnel finally emerging onto an empty swath of beach. If we couldn’t have sunshine we could at least have solitude. We played and splashed against the blue of Kaneohe bay and made plans to return again.

Oahu family photography beach at kualoa hawaii
Oahu family photographer beach
dad helps toddler son climb a tree during a fun family photoshoot in oahu
mom and baby laughing during a hawaii family photo session at kualoa
family walking on the beach in hawaii at sunset
mom holding hands of happy baby during a family photo session at kualoa beach park oahu
little boy and dad playing at the beach in hawaii
dad and baby playing at the beach with kaneohe bay in the background
baby balancing on driftwood on a hawaii beach
family snuggling during a sunset photo session in kaneohe bay oahu
playful boy looking through a piece of coal at kualoa beach park during family photos
dad playing with his two young kids at the beach in oahu hawaii

How Does Your Family Play Together?

Let’s plan a memorable evening of silly family fun doing something you love. We can meet at your favorite beach, park, home, or some combination so you can push pause on your hectic life and create some memories to treasure. Find out more about my fun family photography sessions here.

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