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The Perfect Beach?

As an Oahu family photographer, people often ask if I have a favorite beach for photo sessions on the island. I don’t have a favorite. Not really. I have favorites under certain conditions – the light, the tide, the wind, the crowds – they can all come together to make an epic backdrop or they can be just, meh. It also has to be a good match for the family. For this particular family on this particular day, I couldn’t imagine a more perfect spot than Laie Beach Park.

About the Session

The weather was possibly too nice because the beach was packed on a random weekday. Beach lovers were basking in the sun and dancing in the bright blue waves. We had to get creative and find little nooks for games and laughter. As the crowds began to thin, we made our way to the far end of the beach for a bit of adventure. There, we scaled the cliffs for big views of the coastline and beach below. Crabs scurried along jagged rocks as we slowly crept toward the edge of the cliffs for a peak and the raging surf below. The boys were eager to jump into those waves so they jumped in at the very end.

family snuggling for family portraits at laie beach park in hawaii
mom and son walking on the beach in hawaii
family portraits in hawaii by an Oahu Family Photographer
family playing at the edge of the ocean in oahu with mountain view in the distance
dad and son sharing a moment during a family photo session in hawaii
family walking toward the water at sunset in hawaii
boy sticking his tongue out at the beach
family portraits on a cliff at sunset in hawaii
boy looking for fish in the stream
family running on the beach in hawaii
mom and son hugging during a fun family photoshoot in oahu
portrait of a boy with arms extended and tongue out
family walking along the cliffs in oahu during a family photo session by little bird photography
dad spinning son at laie beach park in hawaii
portrait of mom and son on the cliffs at laie beach in hawaii during a family photo session
fun portrait of mom hugging her two boys during a hawaii family photo session
dad tickling son at laie beach in hawaii
family watching the ocean from the cliffs at laie beach park in hawaii
boy writing in the sand at laie beach
family playing in the surf in hawaii
boys braving the big waves at pounders beach in laie after a family photo session

How old were your children the last time you took family photos?

Let’s plan a fun adventure and update your family photos. We can head to the beach, park or play at home and make great memories. Find out about my fun family photography sessions here.

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