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a happy couple walking on a beach in hawaii at sunrise

A Long Drive

The clock was ticking. Sure at the moment, she looked like a cherub – all rosy round cheeks a pink chubby perfection. Her smile flashed easily revealing newly cut teeth, but it was coming less often. And the eye rubs were coming faster and more furious. One had the distinct impression that she would roll her eyes at your goofy antics if she only knew how. Yes, time was running out.

The morning started out in a glorious burst of color. I wound my way up the coast before dawn taking peeks at the ocean conditions in the gaps between houses and sips of coffee. It was calm with a light breeze – perfect weather for a baby’s first beach day. As I approached Kualoa the sky glowed crimson. It evolved into bright red before succumbing to orange and eventually yellow. I paced nervously at yellow as I read the latest text update.

I was about to photograph the loveliest Midwestern family who was making the ambitiously long drive from Koolina to the very different, mountain-backed beach scene at Kualoa Beach Park. In the morning chaos they got turned around and ended up trapped in an HOV commuter lane speeding them away from their desired exit. They were still 30 minutes away.

I watched crabs scuttle along the sand to spar with neighbors as the sun warmed my face. It was a serene setting but I couldn’t relax. A baby in the car for that long? That can’t be good.

A Burst of Happiness

They arrived in a frenzied rush and pulled our youngest model from her car seat. I expected protest, but she was all smiles. These weren’t ordinary smiles. No, they were big eruptions of joy that extended to her ears and toes and they were absolutely contagious. Still, I knew time was ticking and we made a quick scramble to capture both photos and video. She gave a solid 30 minutes of delight before succumbing to sleep. Ah, little cherub, thanks for hanging in there.

Watch Their Family Film Here

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a happy family with a baby during a photo session in hawaii
mom walks baby daughter with mountains behind at kualoa beach park oahu
dad and baby daughter play on the beach at kualoa at sunrise
portrait of a sweet chubby baby in hawaii
grandparents play with their grandchild during a family photo session at a beach in hawaii
grandma walking baby girl on the beach
extended family vacation photoshoot in oahu
dad and happy baby splashing in the waves on shore at kualoa beach park
mom laughs and hugs baby daughter
adult mom and child during an extended family photoshoot in oahu
a family of three plays at kualoa beach park in oahu
closeup portrait of a baby with blue eyes
a family of 3 shares a hug at kualoa during a family photo shoot by little bird photography
dad carries baby daughter on his shoulders with kualoa mountains in the background during a family photo session in oahu
couple walking on the beach holding hands at kualoa beach park at sunrise
baby with tiny hands on her chubby knees
couple kisses on an empty beach in kualoa oahu hawaii

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