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oahu baby photography at waimanalo beach

And So We Meet Again

A rainbow shone brightly above their home the first time I met JoAnne and her family of three. Baby Asa was brand new at that time. He was a chubby-cheeked bundle with a shock of stylish black hair. You can see his newborn session here for an extra dose of cuteness.

They were the first family I photographed in 2020 so their sweet family would be the first images I saw every time I opened my photo catalog. I thought about them over the long months and wondered how they were doing. Finally, when baby Asa was about to turn one, we were able to meet again. They had survived the epic journey of the first year (and during a pandemic to boot) and it was time to celebrate.

About the Session

Watching families grow over the years is one of the best parts of being a family photographer. I get to celebrate the milestones, the joys, the big personalities, and all the love as it evolves over the years so it was a delight to see them again.

Instead of meeting at home, they chose the big openness of Sherwoods Beach in Waimanalo for their session. Mornings without wind on the windward side make for some of the most stunning sunrises. Salt hangs in the air, reflecting gold in the morning light while waves shimmer turquoise before crashing on the shore.

I could tell it was one of those special mornings when I emerged from the car in a soft breeze rather than the gale-force winds that try to shove me back inside.

We made our way to the beach, giddy with all that beauty and cuteness combined. Time passed quickly as they played along the shore with waves tickling baby toes. As with all babies, the timer was ticking and small yawns signalled a nap was near. We ended the session by exploring the forest floor and making music with sticks and logs. It was a beautiful morning.

How Does Your Family Connect?

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