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A Break from the Cold

When you’re smack dab in the middle of a cold, Canadian winter it’s fun to fantasize about warmer times and places. That desire for warmth was strong enough for Allison to book flights and make the long trek to Hawaii despite the hardship of traveling with twin one-year-olds and a five-year old.

Since they are not serious beach lovers and were unsure how the babies would react to the sand and waves, we headed inland for our session. As much as I love the beach, the forest is always a welcome change from the unrelenting sun and wind. Forest sessions feel calmer, more peaceful. As if you have all the time in the world.

Nuuanu Valley Park is a personal favorite. Birds trill loudly in the twisting, Dr. Suessian trees. Branches move and rustle in the wind allowing shafts of light to stream down to the forest floor spotlighting treasures below. The park somehow manages the delicate balance of manicured lawn and wild jungle. You can plunge into the dense thicket to experience it more intimately or simply admire the wildness from the maintained path. Either way, you feel like you’re somewhere far away and maybe, just maybe, a bit magical.

Twin Life

Allison decided that a Hawaiian background would be a great opportunity for a family photo session. She didn’t want anything overly posed or stressful. She simply wanted to capture the beautiful chaos of their lives.

And chaos is was. The mere fact of being outnumbered by these little people meant someone was always in need and or getting into trouble. These two parents handled each meltdown and whine with grace, love and humor.

family walking in a tropical park in hawaii
family photography at nuuanu park in oahu
family cuddles during a park photo session at nuuanu in oahu
mom and baby snuggle during a Hawaii family photo shoot
baby standing in the park
dad and baby share a laugh during family photography session by little bird photography
baby with pacifier looking into camera with mom behind
life with twins as mom cares for both at a park in hawaii
family exploring large trees during a photo session by little bird photography
baby playing with sticks captured by a nuuanu photographer
mom and baby under giant leaves in a hawaiian park
family photos in the park at nuuanu valley
dad and bay laughing in the park during a family photoshoot in hawaii
boy with a stick at the park in hawaii
family with a baby playing in the park during photoshoot
sweet family photo next to a large banyan tree in hawaii
oahu baby photographer in the forest of hawaii
boy hanging from a tree in the park
hawaii family photo session with twin babies in the park
oahu family photographer at nuuanu park
Nuuanu photographer family photo session
mom and baby play on giant banyan tree roots

What is Your Family’s Story?

Photos can do so much more than capture what you look like. They can showcase love, connection, personality, and preserve your family’s story. Let’s plan a fun morning and make some memories! Find out more about my family photography sessions here.

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