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North Shore Family Photos at Kawela Bay Beach Park

Torn between the dripping green forests of Oahu and the brilliant blue of the beaches, we opted for a mix of both at Kawela Bay Beach Park. It’s an odd beach park that lacks parking, facilities, and signage. If fact if you try to Google the directions, they take you to a road that doesn’t actually exist. You could easily drive past not knowing this hidden gem was waiting just off the road.

Tall banyan trees stand sentinel at the beach access point. Their long dripping roots beckon for a closer look and most definitely a climb to fully experience their beauty. You can easily get sidetracked for hours by this small swath of forest. There are sticks to collect, throw, and use for jousting. Fallen coconuts and flowers dot the forest floor. Birds hidden by the thick canopy sing unseen while lizards make dramatic displays of affection. The area is full of life and it’s a wonderful place to loose yourself for a little while.

About the Session

Beth and her family had been having a rough year. Rough years really with a seemingly endless barrage of trials to overcome. Their trip to Hawaii was meant to be an escape. A break from the chaos and an opportunity to come together and celebrate what really matters: Family. These trials had only made them stronger and our photo session was a celebration of that.

The boys were eager to explore and quick to laugh. They were in the trees out-climbing each other before I could blink. We continued to play games and share bad jokes until thick clouds rolled in and forced us to seek more light at the beach. No complaints there. We simply switched gears and continued to play and laugh and make memories.

North Shore family photos at Kawela bay beach park
mom hugging son during a family photo session by little bird photography
family photo session in the jungle in hawaii
family of six sharing laughs during a photoshoot
mom hugging son beneath a banyan tree in oahu for a family photo session
Brothers share a laugh amid the green trees of hawaii
boys exploring the forest at kawela bay
family looking out over the ocean at kawela bay
dad and four sons sharing a hug on the beach during a photography shoot
boy writing his name in the sand with a stick
family walking on the beach
mom hugging sun on the beach
mom and sons running on the beach at kawela bay
mom and son share a moment during a family photography shoot
couple sharing a laugh during a photo session on the north shore of oahu
boys walking along kawela bay

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