North Shore Family Photography | Exploring Kawela Bay

Kawela Bay is for Adventure

Hidden from the road near Turtle Bay Resort is a stunning bit of Paradise. It’s part dense jungle and part quiet, sandy beach. There is no other spot quite like it on Oahu. From the road you pass by towering banyan trees. TV lovers may recognize this dense jungle scene as the backdrop for LOST.

Spend time marveling at the dripping tree roots and play hide-and-seek among its branches. When you start to overheat, it’s time to move on. A few steps away, you will emerge onto a crescent-shaped beach. In calm weather, you can spot sea turtles as they surface for a quick breath while foraging in the shallows. On windier days, you can bring a board and catch gentle waves as they curl into the bay. You might enounter a group on horseback as pass along the beach, or on a bicycle, or runners out for a bit of exercise. So many ways to explore the bay … and a perfect spot to relax. The shady trees along the shore seem perfectly spaced for a hammock so when you’re done exporing you can spend some quality time doing nothing.

About the Session

I first photographed Rachel’s family, at Paradise Cove in Koolina on what may be the exact opposite side of the island. With an energetic water-loving boy, the beach was a must. Still, we wanted a different feel so we traded swaying palms for deep jungle.

Our eager explorer was a bit intimidated by the tall trees but was happy to search for flowers, fallen coconuts and other treasures. With ocean so near, it was hard to keep him dry for long and we made our way to the beach, delighted to find it was empty. Our own bit of paradise for the afternoon. We eased into the warm water and spent time splashing and playing in the company of sea turtles. It was hard to leave.

mom laughing while hugging son during a fun family photo session in hawaii
North Shore Family Photography at kawela bay
boy climbing a banyan tree in hawaii
dad hugging son during a family photo shoot in hawaii
family portraits at kawela bay on the north shore of oahu
boy holding a coconut in hawaii
dad helping son walk along a log in the dense jungle portrait by little bird photography
mom and son spinning under a ginat banyan tree during a fun family photo shoot in oahu
couple snuggling under the dense rainforest canopy in oahu hawaii
boy holding a coconut to his ear
family at the beach on the north shore of oahu
family exploring kawela bay during a photo session
boy splashing water at the camera during a family photo session in hawaii
boy playing in the water at kawela bay on the north shore of oahu
family walking along the beach at kawela bay
boy rolling in the surf at kawela bay
family photo session at kawela bay on the north shore of oahu

Do you Have a Family of Explorers?

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