Mini Family Portrait + Film Session | Lanikai Beach Sunrise, Kailua Oahu

A Late Start

It was a rough start to the morning. They were planning to make the long drive from Koolina to Lanikai Beach by sunrise, but they woke up late. In a rush, they left their custom lei po’o in the parking garage. The beautiful flowers lie on the ground next to their parking spot wilting in the growing heat. To make matters worse, leaving late meant they were stuck in rush hour traffic and arrived well after sunrise. As a mom hoping for great photos and a great experience, it was hard to shake off the frazzled, disappointed energy. Fortunately, kids don’t care about lighting or pretty leis, they care about fun and the beach and they immediately got to playing.

Can’t Stop the Fun

Sheri and her family have photos taken annually for Christmas cards but doesn’t love the experience. For their first Hawaii session, she wanted something that didn’t feel forced and unnatural. Besides, her girls have a lot of energy and she hates stressing about them following directions.

So we scheduled a mini photo and film family session at one of my favorite, baby-friendly beaches. An easy morning of games and beach time. They were a little tentative around the water at first, but quickly discovered the joys of chasing waves. They played and laughed as a family, the mornings chaos happily left behind.

You can see their mini family film below.

And you can see a sample of their photos below –

mom holds baby and watches family play along the shore at lanikai beach
dad and toddler portrait at the beach
family walking along the shore at lanikai beach kailua
portrait of a girl at the beach
mom and toddler photo session at lanikai beach with the mokuluas in the background
dad holds daughter in the air at sunrise over lanikai beach during a family photogrpahy session in hawaii
girl hugs older brother during a photo session
silhouette of dad and daughters on the beach at lanikai beach
closeup toddler portrait
sisters hold hands at lanikai beach
mom and toddler daughter play at lanikai beach during a photo session
sisters play in the water at lanikai beach
girl running to get water at lanikai beach kailua during a fun photo session
big sister holding baby at lanikai beach
toddler and footprints in the sand in kailua oahu

Want a Bit of Both Worlds?

Not sure how you feel about a family film? Only need a small set of photos? Book a mini family portrait + film session so you can have the best of both worlds. Contact me today so we can start planning a fun morning that fits your family.

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