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family with a baby walking on waimanalo beach at sunrise for a family photoshoot

A Babymoon

With a baby on the way, Hannah knew that their family was about to change. There’s a little sadness there – knowing your unit of three will never be again. So she wanted to make the most of it and document their special bond with a family film and photos.

When people reach out asking for a short session because their baby/toddler/preschooler won’t last longer than 10 minutes, I think of this four hour session. It was actually closer to five, but there was a solid baby nap in there. True, it was unusually long because I was making a film and capturing a full gallery of photos, but time seemed to fly by as we enjoyed the beautiful morning.

A tour of Waimanlo blues

A pastel sunrise started the morning as we walked along the shore of Sherwood beach. Baby T slowly woke with elaborate stretches and yawns. He wasn’t sure what to think about the beach. Everything was new and needed to be carefully studied and examined. Different textures, sounds and smells – so much to take in.

After a little fussing, he laid his head on dad’s shoulder on fell soundly asleep. But there was water to play to enjoy so we sat under the shade of ironwoods as enjoyed a long nap. When he awoke refreshed, it was time for round II. This time we moved further along the shore to Kaiona where an old sea wall (used to collect sea turtles for royalty) creates a protected baby beach. This was an idyllic spot to enjoy the perfect sunny afternoon.

< click play to see their sweet family film below >

< and see a glimpse of their photo gallery >

baby on dads shoulder with mom looking on by little bird photography hawaii
family hug on the beach during a photoshoot
waimanalo sunrise for captured by oahu famiily photographer little bird
baby on the beach
family hug at the beach in waimanalo
mom and baby portrait session waimanalo beach oahu
dad playing with son on the beach
closeup up of baby hands on driftwood
baby practicing first steps on the beach in hawaii
dad and baby portrait at sherwood beach
baby with a stick
sweet family hug during a hawaii photo session
mom and baby portraits at waimanalo beach hawaii
family of three beach portrait at sherwoods waimanalo
baby blowing raspberry as mom kisses him on the cheek

Kaiona Beach Park

The water is much calmer at nearby Kaiona beach.

enjoying a morning at the best baby beach on oahu
playing in the clear blue water of waimanalo bay oahu
family maternity portrait in clear blue water of waimanalo oahu
baby and mom snuggle on beautiful sandy beach in hawaii
family maternity portrait in the water in oahu
mom and baby play on a calm beach ini oahu
mom and baby play on a clear calm beach in hawaii
oahu maternity photo session against a bright blue ocean in hawaii

Are you planning a Hawaii babymoon?

Let me help you plan a sweet morning for your growing family so you can press pause on this time in your life. Find out more about my family photography and film sessions here.


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