Makapuu Beach Family Photography | A Golden Sunrise

A First Birthday Celebration

Celebrating a first birthday is a special experience. Especially when that baby has been so longed for. Hannah has tried to make the most of this time in their lives and document as much as possible. She schedules family photo sessions regularly. Fortunately, she works in the wedding industry and has close ties with many talented photographers.

But for this happy occasion, they were making the big trip to Hawaii. A first for the family and one they were looking forward to.

About the Session

Although they were staying in the happy land of Disney at Aulani resort on the Leeward side of the island, they fell in love with the mountainous, rocky landscape of Makapuu Beach. They made the long drive over the pali in the early morning and arrived just before sunrise.

It was a particularly beautiful morning. The coastline typically plagued by high winds was calm and peaceful. Waves crested in clear cascades of blue and seabirds soared in delicate arcs offshore.

Baby Cora emerged from the car in a sleep bundle. She was content to snuggle close in this beautiful, but foreign place. We meandered over the dunes as the sun began to show over Makapuu.

As sleepiness wore off, curiosity set in and Cora braved the sand and waves. Exploring is hungry work, however, and she decided it was time for her birthday “cake smash”. In lieu of a standard cake, they brought a fat slice of chocolate cake.

Most babies are surprisingly timid when confronted with birthday cake. They reluctantly poke at the treat or even cry. Not this little one. The slice was approximately the size of her head, but she managed to demolish it quickly. When bits fell in the sand, they were also quickly swept into her mouth and devoured. For the grand finale, she licked each and every salty finger clean and waited patiently for more.

The tide pools were a perfect way to clean the chocolate mess and cool off under the bright sun. After a final burst of energy, she began to yawn sleepily signaling the end of our session. A beautiful way to celebrate.

family portrait in a dramatic landscape at makapuu beach in oahu hawaii by little bird photography
family beach portrait in hawaii
family portrait at sunrise in hawaii at Makapuu Beach Family Photography
portrait of a chubby-cheeked baby at sunrise in hawaii
tilt-shift family portrait at sunrise in hawaii
family portraits at makapuu oahu
mom snuggling baby at makapuu beach in oahu
baby portrait at sunrise in hawaii
baby on dad's shoulders while mom looks on and laughs
fun picture of dad and laughing baby at Makapuu, Oahu
family portrait with a toddler on the lava rocks in hawaii
mom holding baby
writing in the sand with baby feet
mom holding baby during a beach photo session at Makapuu Beach
naked baby sitting in the water at makapuu tidepools in oahu during a family photo session

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