Large Family Photo Session | Waimanalo Beach, Oahu

A Large Family Photo Session

When you have a family of ten with kids ranging from 6 to 26-years-old organizing a family vacation feels downright heroic. The packing alone can make your head spin. That is a lot of people to organize and coral into a single location with the hopes of a memory making trip.

With a distinct age gap, the family felt divided between older kids and younger kids and April was looking forward to bridging that gap with this time together. She wanted them to play, make memories and feel like a cohesive unit. As this was very likely a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, she wanted to capture the heart of it with family photos and a film. They rented a vacation home in Waimanalo and were ready for fun.

About the Session

The original plan for this water-loving, adventurous family was to play in the waves at Sherwood Beach. However, the older kids had their own lives to attend to and we only had one day of overlap where all family members were present. And that day was cold. Are you allowed to say a day is cold when you’re in Hawaii?

The sky was thick with clouds that sat heavy on the mountains. Wind bellowed through the trees and scattered cresting waves at their peaks. I watched the scene from the warmth of my car as salt dusted the windows. It wasn’t ideal but at least it wasn’t raining.

The family arrived and spilled out of their van in high spirits. Silliness and teasing was their love language and we shared many laughs as we explored the beach.

See their sweet family film below.

See photo highlights from their large family photo session here.

Large Family Photo Session in waimanalo
girl with hair blowing on a windy beach day
sisters sharing a hug during a family photo session
family sharing stories on the beach in oahu
dad catching adult son during a family photo session
dad and son look out at the ocean during a hawaii portrait session
mom and daughter share a laugh on the beach in waimanalo
a candid family portrait on the rocks in oahu
couple on the beach in waimanalo

mom and daughters share a hug at the beach in hawaii

Do You Have a Once-in-a-Lifetime Trip to Hawaii Planned?

A trip to Hawaii is a great opportunity to update your family photos. Find out more about my fun family photography sessions here and we can plan a fun day laughing, playing and making memories.

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