Fun Lanikai Portraits | The Chill of Winter in Hawaii

Does it Get Cold in Hawaii?

That’s a difficult question to answer. Does it get cold? I firmly believe (and I think a good portion of the local population will back me up on this) that when you need to put socks and pants on, it’s cold. Brrr. Add a little wind and i’m not sure it’s beach weather anymore.

But those days feel long ago. This summer is stubbornly holding on to its heat. The water is unreasonably warm and the sun feels oppressive by 8 am. Thinking of a time when we were concerned about being cold feels quaint and far away.

When we were planning this session, however, morning chill was a concern. Three-year-old Kathryn was a fair weather beach lover. Despite living beach adjacent, she was finicky about her beach affections. A little too cold and it was a hard no. Her older brother on the other hand, was an any day all day kind of beach kid. He couldn’t get enough. We held off until the weather seemed warm enough and hoped for the best.

About the Session

As a military family with transient ties to Hawaii, they wanted to capture a bit of their every day life. We tossed around some different ideas, but ultimately landed on the beach. It’s a big part of your life when you live in a beach town. With paddle boards in tow, we met for sunrise at Lanikai Beach.

We may have been a bit premature on the weather. The wind was gusting and a row of stubborn clouds hid the sunrise so the chill lingered. Still, everyone was in good spirits and we played games and ran around to keep warm. We even braved the water.

family portrait at lanikai beach
mom and daughter spinning on the beach in hawaii
dad holding son in the air at sunrise at lanikai beach during a family portrait session
mom and daughter running on the beach
mom and daughter walking in the water at lanikai beach oahu during a family photo session
dad and son sharing a  moment during a fun family photoshoot in hawaii at lanikai beach
boy holding parents hands
sad girl on the beach with parents coming to comfort her
black and white portrait of siblings playing at lanikai beach oahu during a family photography session
dad pushing son on a paddleboard in hawaii at lanikai beach
girl wrapped in an animal towel at the beach in oahu
boy swimming underwater in hawaii
family playing on a surfboard in hawaii during a family photo session by little bird photography

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