Lanikai Family Photographer | A Mini Session at Sunrise

Until We Meet Again

From ultra low tides to extreme wind the weather has been unusual each time I photograph Henry’s family. On one memorable occasion, we found a giant crayfish? A small lobster? I’m still not sure what the creature was, but we spotted it limping along the treeline a good 200 yards from the water. I’m still mystified by that one. No matter the forecast, their happy, joyful spirit always comes through and the enjoy their time together. It was a pleasure to photograph them again.

Lanikai Family Photographer

With family on Oahu, they visit the island regularly. Every couple of years I get to see them for a fun beach morning to update their family portraits. In the past, we have visited nearby Kalama Beach and Waimanalo Beach so this year we opted for Lanikai Beach.

A thick blanket of clouds loomed overhead as we stepped onto the cool sand before sunrise. The beach was empty. The ocean was still save the gentle lapping of waves on the shore. An extremely low tide exposed coral heads in the bay creating an ominous, darkly beautiful scene.

Moments later, the sun burst through the clouds in full, unfiltered force. We were temporarily blinded and just as we began to get accustomed to the glare, heavy clouds plunged us back into shade. On and off. On and off. The sun continued to waver throughout the morning as if a a curious toddler was in charge of the light switch. Finally, a decision was made and the sky was left in the off position.

Even without the sun, the water was warm and we ended the session in the company of fish as we pretended to be mermaids. More strange weather and certainly more fun.

family portrait during a moody sunrise over lanikai beach
dad and daughter playing during a fun family portrait session at the beach in hawaii
mom and daughter snuggle during a hawaii photo session
portrait of a girl with the mokuluas behind by lanikai family photographer little bird photography
dad and daughter beach portraits at sunrise over lanikai
mom and daughter holding hands
dad and daughter playing at lanikai beach at sunrise for family portraits
hawaii beach portraits at lanikai with mom and daughter
mom and daughter smiling
underwater portrait of a girl swimming at lanikai beach oahu
portrait of a girl from below the water at lanikai beach
underwater portrait of a girl at lanikai beach oahu by little bird photography

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