Lanikai Beach sunrise photo session | A morning to remember

lanikai beach sunrise photo session for family on vacation

If I was to make a must-visit, best ever, don’t miss it beach list for Oahu, it would certainly include Lanikai Beach in Kailua. The sand is light and fluffy underfoot and palm trees perpetually dance in the tradewinds. Just offshore, Flat Island and the Mokuluas shimmer in turquoise waters. If you look carefully you can see turtle heads surfacing for a quick breath while they scour the reef for snacks. In the winter months you can catch the sunrise directly between the islands. It feels magical – as if anything is possible.

Memories captured: still and video

I’ve always loved photos, but video has become more important to me as my memories begin to get jumbled and faded. That’s why I added video to my photo sessions. They’re like little precious time capsules that you can escape into.

Watch their mini family film here –

And see a sample of their photos here –

kids watching sunrise over the mokulua islets from lanikai beach oahu
kids playing on lanikai beach at sunrise
boy playing with the fine sand at lanikai beach kailua
mom and daughter hug during a lanikai family photo session
couple kisses at lanikai beach while kids run around
sunrise family photo session at lanikai
family photos at lanikai
dad kisses toddler son with palm trees behind during sunrise photoshoot in hawaii
sisters play along the waters edge in hawaii
family plays at lanikai beach oahu
dad and son build a sandcastle at lanikai beach kailua
closeup of girl with glasses laughing at the beach
mom and daughter snuggle during hawaii family photos at lanikai beach
dad carry laughing boy at the beach
couple portrait at lanikai beach in kailua
happy family hugging at lanikai beach by little bird photography
family walking along empty lanikai beach at sunrise
dad and daughter
family watching the waves at lanikai beach kailua

Into the Lanikai Blue

About an hour after sunrise the call of the clear blue water because too strong and it was time to jump in. Sunblock was applied, floaties were hastily inflated and it was a mad dash to the ocean. This time of morning – about an hour or so after sunrise – is a magical time at the beach. Any ambitious sunrise gawkers have taken their photos and departed while the morning beach crowd has yet to arrive. A normally crowded beach can suddenly become a private family adventure.

My personal favorite way to experience Lanikai is with a pre-sunrise hike to the Lanikai pillboxes towering above the beach followed by a refreshing ocean dip. First you take in the view and then you experience it close up. Spectacular.

girl leaping into the ocean at lanikai beach
girl playing on a float during hawaii photo session
dad throwing daughter in the air against blue sky during fun family photo session in hawaii
family building sand castles a the beach in kailua
boy playing in an inter tube at lanikai beach
girl sitting in a rainbow float at kailua beach as waves wash in
toddler boy plays in the surf at kailua beach
tattooed dad holds daughter in the water during hawaii family photos

Want to make the most of your vacation?

Let’s take advantage of all beautiful Hawaii has to offer with a family photo session. I’ll put together options that fit your needs and you enjoy an easy morning of fun and laughter! Learn more about my family beach photo sessions here.


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