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Ah, how to choose between majestic lava rock shores washed with white sand at Makapuu Beach or the clear, turquoise waters of Lanikai Beach? Tiffanie was torn between the two. “Why not both?” I suggested. We can take in the dramatic sunrise and then hit the beach. I was excited about this plan. Makapuu is one of my favorite spots for sunrise, but Lanikai is one of the best, kid-friendly beaches to play in the water. I met them as the sun began to peek over the horizon and we set out to explore. We discovered that having a strong dad means you can fly (again dad! again!) and that driftwood makes an excellent beach horse. As the sun became bright and surly we made our escape.

After a short drive, we found ourselves navigating a narrow beach path towards the ocean. Here the ocean sounds were different. No crashing, splashing roar, but a gentle splash and swish as the fine sand was pushed and pulled by waves. Still, the kids weren’t sure. They decided to sun themselves on beach towels first; stylish with their bright colors and sunglasses.  As the began to warm up, they grabbed an inter-tube and jumped in for a fun morning.

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What kind of beach do you love to explore with your family?

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