Lanikai Beach Baby Portraits | First Time in the Ocean

A Family Vacation Full of Firsts

We were an absolute mess after having our first baby. Micah arrived early catching us off guard. Although I had prepared and froze several meals as recommended, we hadn’t purchased a microwave yet. I remember standing in front of the full freezer with tears streaming down my face. I was simply too tired, hungry, and sore to figure out how to solve the problem. Although things slowly improved over the next weeks and months, we struggled to adapt his entire first year.

That’s why I’m always amazed and delighted to meet couples with a new baby who seem to have it all together. I didn’t have the energy to even think about baby portraits, but here Chris and Jasmine had merely tacked on their mini photo session to a first family trip to Hawaii. They didn’t look tired at all. In fact, it’s fair to say that they were glowing with the love and pride of new parents.

The family was staying at the very hip and stylish Laylow Hotel in Waikiki. If you can have a crush on a hotel, the Laylow would be mine. If I had realized they were staying there in advance I would have suggested starting our session at the photogenic hotel. Instead, they made the journey over the Pali to Lanikai Beach for their mini baby portrait session.

The Best Baby Beach on Oahu

The impossibly blue water, powder-fine sand, and epic views put Lanikai Beach on many “best beaches in the world” checklists. It’s definitely beautiful and inviting, but most appealing to me is that it’s kid-friendly. Baby-friendly even. Loud, crashing waves and steep shore breaks often have beach neophytes in tears before they even touch the water. It can feel scary and overwhelming. But Lanikai is gentle. A barrier reef absorbs the biggest waves only letting playful wavelets come to shore. There, tiny toes can quietly investigate the water. It’s a great first beach experience and baby Willow was delighted with her first beach day.

family portrait at lanikai beach
sunrise family portrait at lanikai beach
silhouette of mom holding baby in the air at sunrise on lanikai beach
dad smiling at baby on the beach during a sunrise photoshoot in hawaii
mom and baby at lanikai beach for a photo session
family photos in the water at lanikai beach hawaii
portrait of mom and baby in the water at lanikai beach
family photos in the water at lanikai beach hawaii
mom holdng baby in the water during a beach photoshoot

Do You Have Any Upcoming Baby Milestones?

Let’s find a park to explore or a mellow beach where we can spend the morning splashing under a golden sun. I’ll document your big milestones and you can have fun in the process! Find out about my family photography sessions here.

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