Laie Portraits | Introduction to the Beach Life

Learning to Love the Beach

Your first trip to the beach can be a little intimidating as a child. The ocean feels endless and vast as it stretches to the horizon. Thoughts of baby sharks and more sinister creatures can fill your imagination as the surf tickles your feet at regular intervals. Understandably, some kids need a bit of time to adjust.

For those kids, I start off slow. We might hang back and play games to distract them or they might simply need hugs from mom and dad until they’re brave enough to explore. That’s why I like to leave enough time for family photo sessions. Most parents get a little panicked at the thought of a photo session lasting longer than an hour. I get it. If you’ve had sessions in the past where you had to bribe, cajole, beg your child to behave, fifteen minutes can feel like an eternity. But my sessions aren’t about behaving and pretending to smile. They’re more personal than that. They’re simply about documenting the connections and personalities in your family. Sometimes, it takes a while before you’re comfortable and feel free to be yourselves.

About the Session

Jocelyn loved the wildness of Laie Beach Park so we met at sunrise on a cloudy day. The blanket of clouds created a soft pink sky that felt peaceful and easy. We had the beach all to ourselves.

Although the kids started off wary of the ocean, by the end they were transformed to beach lovers. They fearlessly attacked and jumped over the pounding surf with giant smiles plastered on their faces. It was a complete joy to watch them transformed by the ocean.

family walking toward the ocean against a moody sky in hawaii
family portraits at the beach in oahu
mom puts flower behind daughter's hair during a family photo session in hawaii
boy running on the beach in hawaii
mom holding son in the air during Laie Portraits
mom and kids during family photog shoot
dad and son playing in the sand while mom and daughter play in the waves
family beach portraits in laie beach park
sister sharing a flower with her little brother
little boy laughing on the beach in hawaii
water pounding the cliffs at laie beach park in hawaii
black and white portrait of kids playing at the beach
couple portrait against the cliffs in hawaii
Laie Portraits with mom and son walking along the beach
mom and kids exploring marine life next to the cliffs at laie beach park hawaii
girl on a rainbow inter-tube playing in the surf in hawaii
family photo session at laie beach park in oahu
dad and son playing near cliffs at laie beach park on oahu
footprints in the sand in hawaii
dad and son playing on the beach in hawaii
black and white photo of a girl dancing on the beach in hawaii
girl playing with an intertube in the surf at a beach in hawaii
mom and daughter playing in the surf during a family photo shoot by little bird photography
girl playing in the waves at laie beach during a family photo session
aerial view of dad and son playing in the surf at Laie beach park oahu

What Does the Perfect Day Look Like for Your Family?

Let’s plan a fun day full of hugs, silliness and exploration. We will make memories that you can look back on for years to come. Find out more about my custom Hawaii family photo sessions here.

  • Jocelyn Wong - Thank you Heather – we had the best time and have all these beautiful pictures to cherish. You were fantastic. – Jocelyn and FamilyReplyCancel

    • Heather - Thanks so much for the kind words, Jocelyn. It was so much fun to watch your kids come alive in the water! Hope to see you again some day :)ReplyCancel

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