Laie Family Photos | Celebrating a Third Birthday in Hawaii

Turning Three in Hawaii

I braced myself for the terrible twos. When the tantrums and trials never materialized, I thought I was in the clear. With a sigh of relief I entered the threes only to be blindsided by, well, tantrums and trials.

Whenever I photograph a three-year-old, I’m on high alert. It’s perhaps, the cutest age as they are so tiny and so full of opinions and personality. However, these adorable creatures are volatile and I appraoch them with great care.

Sunrise and Surf at Laie Beach Park

With excitemend and a bit of caution, I met Cindy and her sweet little family of three amidst the pounding waves at Laie Beach Park. Sunrise arrived with strong winds howling through the trees and whipping the waves into a frothy soup.

Their visit to the island coincided with Maya’s third birthday so they decided to make the most of the happy coincidence with a family photo session.

Maya is a fearless little creature and made a direct beeline to the pounding surf, dragging mom and dad along with her. She was so full of joy and energy that she could barely keep both feet on the ground. Her favored mode of transportation included many skips, leaps, and hops. all conducted with deep belly laughs of delight.

We spent the morning exploring every inch of the beach. Every stick tested. Every crab hole investigated. She led and we followed marvelling at her endless supply of joy. After spending a morning with little Maya, it’s hard to believe she’s every anything but sunshine and happiness. Maybe turning three isn’t so scary after all.

You can watch their mini family film below.

Take a peak at the photos from their session here.

family watching the sun rise over the ocean in hawaii
mom and dad hold daughters hands as they play in the surf in oahu
mom and daughter run down the beach during photoshoot by little bird photography
sweet family moment at the beach during a family photo session in hawaii
dad and daughter silhouette at the beach
toddler girl jumping at sunrise on the beach in oahu
dad holding daughter in the air as she giggles
toddler girl full of personality
family walking along the beach at sunrise in hawaii
toddler feet with footprints in the sand and wave approaching
oahu family photography at laie beach park
toddler girl playing at the beach by little bird photography
family plays on the beach in hawaii as waves pound the shore
mom holding daughter at the beach in hawaii

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