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Why a Documentary Approach to Family Photos Captured Her Heart

On a whim, Stephanie booked a documentary photo session during a trip to London. She fell in love with the results. Like so many of my clients (and myself), Stephanie doesn’t love the process of family portraits. It often feels stiff and unnatural and you find yourself stressing over the results. Still, she wanted the photos so she continued to push herself and her family into these uncomfortable situations. Until London. It was a game-changer and now she seeks out this low-key, fun photo style on her travels.

family portrait at koolina lagoon oahu

A Twisted Ankle Can’t Stop the Fun

Traveling from the east coast made a morning session an easy choice, but where to go? Their vacation style is one of extreme relaxation and comfort. The kind where you’re surrounded by beauty and warmth and have tasty food at your fingertips. They planned one day of adventuring, touring the island in a fun jeep and ending with a luau, but were unsure if they wanted to schedule photos on that day.

In the end, it worked better to stay close. Their daughter, a bright, silly girl with a warm smile, twisted her ankle badly after arriving in Hawaii – a cartwheel on the beach gone wrong. To keep things simple, they decided to have their session at Paradise Cove Beach, near their hotel in Koolina.

Photos on land were a little delicate as we didn’t want her to further injure her ankle in the loose sand. As soon as it warmed up enough, we made the transition to the smooth blue water where she could move freely and without pain. They tossed a football, swam, and searched for treasure until they were shivering with cold. Despite the injury, it was the low-key morning they needed.

messy family hug during a hawaii photo session at koolina beach
couple portrait in hawaii with outrigger in the distance
mom snuggles daughter in black and white during a family photo session
Koolina Vacation Photos at paradise cove
girl laughing with sunshine behind
boy skipping rocks at paradise cove koolina
mom kissing daughter on the forehead during a family photo session
siblings share a laugh during a koolina photo session
family portrait in hawaii
mom giving son a big hug at a beach in hawaii
hawaii family beach portrait at ko olina
black and white portrait of a boy in the water at ko olina lagoon by little bird photography
over under water portrait of a girl in hawaii
boy on an intertube in the water in hawaii
family tosses a football in the water at a hawaii beach
family portrait from the clear blue water of koolina lagoon
family explores hawaii tide pool captured by hawaii photographer
girl swimming underwater with palm trees in the distance
siblings play in the shallows at paradise cove lagoon in koolina
black and white portrait of a family playing at the beach in oahu hawaii
boy with a fishing net searching for fish at paradise cove lagoon oahu

Do you Hate Have Your Photo Taken?

Me too. Avoid the awkward and let’s plan a morning that’s actually fun instead. Find out more about my salty, sun-drenched photo sessions here.

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