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Tween Life

Once you hit the double digits in age, life gets a little more complicated. More confusing. You lose that ability to play with wild abandon and start to worry about other people. They don’t want to look silly and it can make a family photo session particularly painful. I mean you’re excited to be in Hawaii, but do we really have to do this?

I have found, however, that if I am silly and supremely nerdy they feel infinitely cooler and can bond against my ridiculousness. I shall take one for the team.

Plus it helps to add water. Get them playing in the waves, searching tide pools or lounging on a float and they just can’t be bothered to think about the weird person with the camera.

About the Session

Yungting and her family were enjoying a family reunion and staying at the Aulani Resort. To keep things super simple for our photo session, we met nearby at one of my favorite spots –Paradise Cove Beach.

Golden rays of sun danced in the palm leaves as we made our way to the protected cove. The wind barely rippled the ocean’s surface. It was going to be a hot day. A perfect day to spend at the beach. The blue cove was a beautiful backdrop to the many eye rolls and slow head shakes in response to goofy questions and goofier games (eye rolls not pictured). In the end, we shared some big laughs and made memories. What more can you ask for from a family reunion?

sisters hugging during a family photo session in koolina oahu
family photoshoot in koolina oahu
portrait of a boy sitting on rocks in paradise cove
portrait of a happy family with palm trees and sun flare in hawaii
big family hug during a photo session in oahu hawaii
closeup portrait of a girl laughing in hawaii
portrait of sisters during a family photoshoot in koolina oahu
cousins sharing a laugh in hawaii by a koolina portrait photographer
portrait of a father and son in oahu
mom and daughters share a hug at the beach in hawaii during a family photoshoot
mom and son hugging
boy floating in an inter-tube at paradise cove in koolina oahu
cousins playing at the beach in koolina hawaii

Are You Planning a Big Reunion Trip to Oahu?

Let’s make the most of your special trip with a fun beach morning. You can make memories and take home beautiful images. Find out more about my fun family photography sessions here.

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