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Starting a business can be addictive. You succeed with one and you can’t help but think of other amazing ideas that you can introduce to the world. It’s fun, exhilarating, and terrifying all at the same time. Lyndsey is wonderful wedding photographer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and last year she launched Momma Fit. A fitness program to coach moms and support them in healthy life choices. I know I could use a little fitness coaching in my life and she could use, well she could use a vacation. So her family made the long trek from the east coast to unplug and stretch out in the warm Hawaiian sand for a couple weeks of relaxation.

She told me “portraits are my everything” so we planned a fun morning to capture portraits of joy, silliness, family and everything in between. Sydney is a little water girl so at the end of the session the two of us had to jump in the crystal clear waters of Paradise Cove.  While searching for rainbow fish (aka Christmas wrasse), a curious sea turtle stopped by to check us out. He surfaced for a quick breath before hurrying after a floating piece of tasty limu. It was a magical way to end our time together.

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Traveling to Hawaii for a little R&R? Let’s plan a fun day exploring together so you can take home beautiful family memories. Find out more about my fun family photography sessions here.

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