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family walking along an empty beach at koolina oahu

Happy vibes

Some people seem to radiate joyful vibes. I’m not sure if it was a side effect of being on vacation, but this whole family was full of joy and happiness. As soon as we met in the tiny parking lot for Paradise Cove Beach in Koolina, the kids were hopping up and down and excited to get started. They were ready for anything and the morning didn’t disappoint.

Koolina Beach family photography

With most of the island under cloud cover, Koolina was shining in the sun. It was built as a second Waikiki of sorts based on the amount of sunshine. As we approached the beach we heard the roar of winter waves in the distance. Some were crashing over the barrier reef sending bits of algae into the cove – perfect conditions for sea turtles. Right away, we were able to spot little heads popping up around the cove as turtles searched for their favorite snack.

It was too chilly to join them just yet, but there were shells to find and games to play as the sun warmed up the cove. When it was finally time to jump in, the surf had increased sending waves into the cove. A bit nervous at first and then delighted, the kids surfed the little waves in pink intertubes, riding them all the way to shore. Such a fun morning, but being brave takes a toll. Exhausted and hungry it was time to move on for some lunch, but they planned to return again soon.

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playful dad and daughter at a family photoshoot in hawaii
mom and daughter portrait at sunrise
mom and son share a big laugh on the beach
happy portrait of a girl on the beach
mom and son at the beach
family walking along the beach with palm trees behind oahu
family portraits in oahu
girl giving her dad at the beach
siblings share a sweet moment at the beach in oahu
mom and daughter snuggle close at sunrise during a family photo shoot
dad and son at paradise cove koolina
best spots to find sea turtles on oahu
dad pushing son in an intertube

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