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Why Ko Olina is a Great Beach for Family Photos

When the surf is up on Oahu, it can be hard to find a beach suitable for babies and toddlers or even ocean wary adults. Pounding shorebreak and rip currents don’t exactly make for a relaxing day at the beach. No matter the surf conditions, Ko olina’s protected coves are a great option. Viewed from above, you see the distinct circles lining the coast. A barrier protects each cove from the biggest waves creating a mellow, sand-bottomed sanctuary. Some coves even have easy access with bathrooms, showers, and amenities nearby. During the day a flotilla of beach floats, boats and noodles takes full advantage of the easy sunshine.

As a Ko olina photographer, however, these coves are a bit too crowded and sterile. For photo sessions, I turn to the sole natural cove of the lot. The aptly named Paradise Cove. This small beach is adorned with palm trees and rife with marine life. It’s a perfect spot to search for fish and crabs and sea turtles are regular visitors. The clear, shallow water makes it ideal as a beginners beach for babies and toddlers and lends itself to unique underwater portraits.

About the Session

From the moment we stepped foot on the sand, Henry had just two things on his mind 1. Collect seashells and 2. Get in the water. The shells are everywhere at Paradise Cove. Most are micro shells or splintered coral fragments, but that didn’t dampen his enthusisam. Within 10 minutes his pockets hung low under the weight of gathered treasure. Now he was ready for the water. It took a bit of convincing to keep him dry until the sun warmed up the water. Once it did, he was off in a flash splashing in pure delight. If he hadn’t gotten hungry after a few hours, he would have stayed all day.

honolulu family portraitsbeautifiul places in oahufamily holding hands on the beach in hawaiifamily playing at ko olina lagoon oahu black and white photo by Little Bird Photographyoahu family photographer captures sweet mom and son snuggle at Ko olinaboy collecting shells in hawaii ko olinafamily playing at ko olina lagoonsfamily swinging child on hawaii beach in black and whiteexploring tide pools in hawaii at a hawaii family photoshootfamily portraits at paradise cove ko olinadad and son cuddling at the beach in hawaiibeautifiul places in oahufamily portraits at ko olinaboy splashing water at ko olina lagoon in black and white photo by Little Bird Photographymom and son collecting shells in hawaiidad throwing boy in the air as seen from under the water photo by Little Bird Photographyparadise cove at ko olinafun family photography session in hawaii by Little Bird PhotographyKo olina photographer photo session at Paradise Cove

Do your kids love to play in the water?

No need to struggle to keep them dry and groomed for your beach photo session. Let’s jump in the beautiful blue and have fun instead. There’s nothing like a water session to bring out the biggest smiles and laughs – even shy and reserved kids can’t help letting loose. I’ll help you pick a kid-friendly beach so you can have a fun morning and take away beautiful water portraits. Find out more about my family photography sessions here.

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