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The Trials + Tribulations of Family Photography

My images showcase happy families playing, exploring and loving one another. And yet, I don’t want to give you the impression that all family photography sessions are butterflies and rainbows. The little people in our lives are fickle creatures, especially when traveling and in a new environment. These sensitive souls may show their unease with clinging hugs, fat tears, or flat out disagreement. But that’s okay. With a few extra hugs and a bit (a lot) of patience, we can find our way back to happy.

Pinky knows the drill. It was the third time I had the opportunity to photograph her beautiful family. Each time we had to overcome a few tears to reach unfettered joy. That’s why my sessions are a bit longer. I want to give your family the space it needs to connect and play.

A Little Bit of Paradise

Paradise Cove is such a great beach for babies and toddlers. The entry is shallow and the surrounding reef buffers big waves leaving calm, clear waters to explore. The tide pools are an added delight as tiny fingers can examine hermit crabs up close and search for camouflaged fish. The cove is small which is a nice way to keep kids contained, but challenging for photo sessions. We started just after sunrise when the beach is normally empty. However, on this particular morning, several jet-lagged families were scattered around the cove. High tide added to the trouble leaving us constrained to a small space near the water’s edge. The kids couldn’t be distracted. They looked at the water longingly and even tried to make some sneaky moves around legs to get to it. Being so close, but not allowed in was torture.

And so we relented. Everyone changed into swimsuits and the mood dramatically shifted. Now it wasn’t a photo session, it was a beach day. There was nothing to protest, only fun to be had. After an hour or so, the crowds dissipated and we had the cove to ourselves. We even saw a sea turtle before home.

dad and toddler at koolina beach
mom and daughter at the beach in hawaii
toddler portrait at the beach in ko olina oahu
beautiful family playing at the beach during a portrait session
boy playing in the sand in hawaii
mom hugging daughter in the water in hawaii bnw portrait
dad leading kids into the shallow blue waters in hawaii
fun family photograph in the water at ko olina lagoon in hawaii
family portrait at paradise cove with a palm tree shadow
a family plays at paradise beach in hawaii on a sunny day
a fun family portrait taken in the water at Paradise Cove in Hawaii
daughter snuggling mom at the beach during a fun family photo session
girl yelling in joy while wearing rainbow sunglasses at the beach
baby and dad in the clear waters of paradise cove ko olina
family portrait session in hawaii with a ko olina family photographer
mom and baby in the water at paradise cove by little bird photography

Do You Have a Beach-Loving Family?

If you have a fun, water-loving family there’s no need for static family portraits on the beach. You can jump in, play, explore and enjoy a great day with your family and take home beautiful images. Find out more about my fun family photography sessions here.

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