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Returning Home

This Oahu family has been enjoying a temporary residence in Japan. They’re having an amazing time exploring the cities and countryside and even snow, but when you have small children it’s hard to be away from family. They make regular trips home, but this particular one was special. They were celebrating a first birthday. An epic milestone. They even brought a cake to smash with a special banner made by her auntie. She wore a new outfit and was presented with a bright pink cake on a lovely platter. We stepped back and waited. All of us eager with anticipation. She blinked slowly at the presentation and slowly her face began to twist and contort. She emitted a loud wale as fat tears streamed down her face.

Fun fact, half of the babies I photograph cry when presented with a cake to smash. I asked other photographers and it seems universal. If you really want those joyous photos of baby stuffing their mouth with cake and frosting, you may have to ease them into it. Offer a small cupcake or muffin a couple of weeks in advance in a familiar environment.

About the Session

We met at Kalama Beach Park for a sunrise photoshoot. We were only planning to meet for a short time – 30 minutes, maybe an hour. But Kaylee, joyful Kaylee, with a grin stretching from ear to ear is a hard one to leave. Her little sister was supposed to be the star of the show (she was celebrating her first birthday after all), but the beach was an intense experience for the littlest explorer. She was unsure about the sand and less sure about the waves. She took in the scene with quiet contemplation. In the meantime, Kaylee skipped and danced along the shore hugging everyone in sight. It was her happy place and happiness is infectious.

family walking toward the ocean at kalama beach in kailua oahu
first birthday portraits at kailua beach
portrait of a happy girl at kalama beach park by little bird photography
dad and daughter at kalama beach park in kailua
mom and daughter playing at the beach during a photo session
dad and daughters walking into the surf in kailua
sisters about to hug during a family photoshoot at kalama beach park in hawaii
family beach portrait in kailua
toddler girl holding dads face in her hands
mom and toddler laugh during a fun family photography session in hawaii
closeup portrait of a toddler from above during a family beach photo shoot
dad and toddler daughter at kailua beach oahu
baby girl learning to walk on the beach
toddler pulling dad along the beach
dad holding a baby and toddler at kalama beach park
toddler looking out at the water
Toddler portrait during Kalama Beach Family Portraits in hawaii

Are You Returning Home?

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