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family of three at the kakaako waterfront park at sunset

Memories of Kakaako Park

These days time moves too quickly. That’s why Amanda and her family make the most of family time. Her personal favorite is quiet evenings spent strolling along the shore at Kakaako Waterfront Park in Honolulu. Here, they watch ships pass offshore in a never-ending parade and surfers bob in the lineup. They make a game of getting close to the waves without getting splashed. Sometimes losing is the best part of the game. When that gets old, they navigate the giant boulders or balance on the rock wall and make their way out to the farthest point of the park. Life is simple here and the sunsets are beautiful.

A Stunning Sunset

It was after 5:30 pm when we met, but the heat and intensity of the day still hung in the air. Simply walking from the parking lot left us damp with sweat so we lingered in the shade of the tall monkey pod trees and played peek-a-boo. The game doubled as a fun warm-up activity as little E was feeling particularly shy. It was one of those days where a toddler just wants to be held tightly by her mom. She needed a little time before she felt comfortable being her silly self.

We walked along the seawall and jumped over giant rocks searching for crabs before running down the big hills that characterize the park. You could see the entire city from those hills – from the cranes in rapidly developing Kakaako to Diamond Head and the Waianae’s in the distance. In the end we needed to closer to the water. To watch the last rays of sunlight dance on the waves and with one last family hug, the day was over.

family swinging a toddler girl during a photo shoot at kakaako park
family hug with a toddler
family waling on the shore at kakaako park in honolulu
dad holding daughter's hand while ocean sparkles in the background
mom and daughter photoshoot at kakaako park in kailua
mom kisses toddler daughter on the cheek during a hawaii family photo session
mom waits for toddler girl running up the steep hill at kakaako park in honolulu
happy toddler girl at kakaako park
family looks out at the ocean before sunset in oahu
family portrait session in honolulu
closeup portrait of a toddler girl during a family photoshoot in oahu
family plays at kakaako park
dad and daughter play at kakaako park in honolulu at sunset
mom and daughter watch the waves in  honolulu
dad and daughter search for crabs on the shore at kakaako park
family watches the waves at twilight in honolulu

What Will Your Memories Look Like?

Let’s plan a fun day visiting your family’s favorite places so you can surround yourself with beautiful memories. Find out more about my easy family photography sessions here.

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