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Kailua Photographer Battles the Rain

My watch chirped as I wound my way along the windward coast toward Kualoa. Rain starting in 10 minutes. I have a love-hate relationship with my weather app. Sometimes it’s eerily accurate. Rain stopping in 7 (?!) minutes. Other times I find myself standing in a downpour while the app tells me there is a 0% chance of rain. Sadly, it looked like the app was telling the truth on this particular day.

From the parking lot, I surveyed the soggy scene. The clouds moving up the cliff face had a dreamy feel and felt promising as a backdrop. As soon as there was a break in the rain we made a dash for the open field. Minutes later, we were drenched. Okay, plan B.

I get spoiled as a Kailua photographer. Stunning beaches and majestic mountain scenes are all within easy reach. However, with that verdant beauty comes rain squalls and wind.

It’s All About Family Time

The thing I love about my clients is that they value family time. A photo session for them is not just about looking pretty on a beach. It’s about the experience. The adventure. Spending time together and making memories.

Together, we brainstormed some options and decided to head to Kailua for a coffee and hot chocolate break at Chad Lou’s. It seems everyone else had the same idea. Hordes of thirsty customers descended on the tiny coffee shop looking for a respite from the rain. We took advantage of another break in the rain to head outside and have way too much fun in the parking lot.

A family walking at kualoa beach park on a rainy day
brothers laughing during a family photoshoot
family portrait at kualoa beach park
boy sipping hot chocolate during a hawaii lifestyle photography session
boy wearing crocs standing on a stool
baby portraits in kailua oahu
family enjoying a coffee break outside chad lous for a family photo session
baby and mom reflection in store window
family portrait with colorful background in hawaii
happy portrait of a boy
brothers and mom playing with baby sister captured by kailua photographer
colorful family photos in hawaii
brothers with matching crocs
happy portrait of a boy during a family photo session
airplane baby during a family photo session in oahu
brothers being silly during a kailua family photoshoot
fun family photography in oahu
dad playing with sons during a hawaii family photo session
mom and sons playing during a family photo session in kailua
brothers hugging during a photoshoot in hawaii
mom and sons being silly

Do You Have a Fun-Loving Family?

Let’s plan a fun day to explore and play so you can make memories and take home images to cherish. Find out more about my family photography and films here.

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