Kailua Mini Session | All the Last Bits of Fun at Kalama Beach Park

Hold on to the Fun

It was easily their best vacation ever. For two weeks they submersed themselves in island life. A beach rental on Kailua Beach made it easy and they quickly fell into a new daily routine involving vast amounts of salt, sand, and sunshine. The boys couldn’t get enough of the beach and even the baby, reluctant at first, had taken to the ocean; charging waves like a bulldozer whenever he had the chance.

But now the end was in sight. Only a few days of their tropical Hawaiian vacation remained and they were missing island life already. A photo session, they decided! The perfect way to hold on to their magical trip.

About the Kailua Mini Session

Since they were staying in Kailua within walking distance to Kalama Beach Park it felt like a natural choice for their session. I joined them on a weekday afternoon beautiful enough to draw large crowds. The boys were in high spirits and full of energy. To keep them dry – for at least part of their session – we hung back and played in the park. They were happy to climb trees and run laps around the lawn but were careful to check in on their baby brother to remove leaves from his curious mouth and give him words of encouragement.

As the temperatures began to cool and beach crowds dispersed, we followed the sound of the ocean to Kailua Beach. The surf was up and waves were crashing with salty fury on the shore. By this time, the boys were expert beach-goers and were happy to spend the rest of the evening jumping and racing waves. A great end to a great trip.

family portrait at kalama beach kailua
siblings snuggle during a family photo session in hawaii by little bird photography
dad hugging his sons at kalama beach park in kailua during a family photoshoot
portrait of brothers on the ground taken from above
baby crawling away on the grass during a photo session
portrait of a boy at kalama beach park
family playing at kailua beach in oahu
dad and son playing at the beach
boy leaping at kailua beach park
fun family portraits with dad at the beach
couples portrait at kailua beach park

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