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When the weather looks questionable – a little rainy, a little cloudy – I hesitate to reschedule. These mornings turn into some of the most spectacular sunrises i’ve seen. On this questionable morning at Kalama Beach Park, we were surprised with a lovely show.  Clouds spilled over the horizon adding speckled texture to the glowing pink, blue, and orange morning light.

Baby Kallie was unimpressed by the sky show and instead fixated on the sand. She discovered that it was fun to run her hands through the thick, wet sand and poke holes in the stuff. It was not fun, however, when it stuck to her fingers and toes. One thing that surprised me about becoming a parent is that kids don’t love to be dirty. Many prefer clean hands and feet thank you very much.

I laughed hard as she looked at her sandy hands in horror. That caught her attention, so she did it again and laughed. I laughed harder. She paused and smiled slyly. She had discovered a new power and was absolutely delighted. I can’t resist laughter. Not even fake laughter. Throughout the rest of the session, she would pause, look my way and let out a giant bellow of laughter – a sound much too loud to come from a creature so small – and I would be putty. Crippled by laughter until tears rolled down my cheeks. I’ve never met a toddler with such a funny sense of humor and I won’t forget her any time soon.

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