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You know when you’ve been smiling all day, your wedding day for example, and your cheeks start to ache from all those grins? That’s how I left this family session. Serious smile fatigue. With a dad who grew up on Molokai and a mom from Big Island, Carrie and her family love to travel and make regular trips to Hawaii. They usually schedule family photos during their trips because everyone is having a great time and the backgrounds are memorable. Plus it takes the pressure off capturing everything yourself and you can just kick back and enjoy your trip.

This family was all smiles and bear hugs as we took in the sunrise at Waialae Beach Park. We spent our time sprinting up and down the beach, twirling, and searching for seashells. We even rocked out to a few favorite songs.  Is there a toddler alive who doesn’t love Pharrell’s “Happy“?

The smell of bacon and the delicate clinking of dishes wafted over to us on the beach. Our stomachs rumbled. Time was running short. With the last of their energy, the girls jumped in the water to splash and dig in the sand. And just like that, they were spent. They headed back to their hotel with visions of big breakfasts and long naps. P.S. If you find yourself in the Kahala or Kaimuki area and in the mood for a decadent breakfast make your way to Koko Head Cafe.

Kahala family photographer
family portraits at waialae beach park kahala
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Kahala beack park family photographer
honolulu family photographer at kahala beach
family beach photography in oahu
little girl giving dad a big hug in oahu hawaii
girl playing in the sand at waialae beach park on oahu
sisters playing at a beach on oahu
kids playikng at a family friendly beach on oahu
sisters splashing in the water at waialae beach park oahu

Planning a trip to Hawaii? Let’s go on an adventure together and capture some beautiful memories for you take home. Find out more about my fun family photography sessions here.


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