Honolulu Photographer | A Family Group on Vacation in Ko’olina

Paradise for a Honolulu Photographer

Her perfect blond ringlets bounced in the sun as we walked down the long, sandy path to a favorite beach, Paradise Cove Beach in Koolina. Here, the sun always seems to be shining with a light breeze rustling palm trees overhead. The water is calm and filled with colorful delights from curious sea turtles to bright butterflyfish. It’s a beginner beach; perfect for wave wary babies and toddlers and an ideal ocean playground.

An Ideal Baby Beach

The girls were shy at first. Independently, they explored their surroundings in the cool light of sunrise. At first, they weren’t particularly excited about this early morning adventure but soon they got caught up in our games and forgot to worry. Further, into the water, they ventured to splash and laugh among the tiny waves until they were fully submerged.

fun family portrait with palm trees in hawaii
portrait of a toddler girl with long lashed from above
landscape with mom and daughter splashing in the shallows at koolina
mom tickling toddler daughter at the beach during a fun family photo shoot
couples portrait at the beach in koolina oahu
mom and daughter at the beach
black and white portrait of sisters at the beach
dad tossing daughter in the air with palm trees behind
family sharing a laugh at the beach during a portrait session
baby splashing in the shallows in hawaii by honolulu photographer
couples portrait at koolina lagoon in hawaii
toddler with blond ringlets at the beach in hawaii
girl standing in shallow water at a beach in hawaii with reflection

Safety in Numbers. The Joys of an Extended Family Vacation

Traveling to Hawaii with extended family. The rest of the group jumped in near the end of the photography session for quick photos and some cousin beach fun. The boys stopped abruptly mid-water fight to gawk open-mouthed at the sea. Their tiny faces flickered between delight and terror and they stood together motionless. And then we saw them. Three curious sea turtles cruising around the cove gobbling up bits of algae. In the end, curiosity won them over and they laughed as the turtles glided effortlessly around their toes. When the desire to splash and run became too strong, they were off to explore a new part of the beach.

family portraits at the beach
dad and son portrait at the beach by little bird photography
oahu family portrait at koolina lagoons by honolulu photographer
black and white landscape with boys running in the water at paradise cove in oahu, hawaii
sea turtle swimming near mom and daughter at paradise cove
boys watching sea turtles at paradise cove in koolina during a family photography session
mom and toddler playing in the shallows during a family photoshoot in koolina
boys laughing and splashing in the water at paradise cove koolina
portrait of a laughing girl playing in the water at koolina
family splashing in the water at paradise cove in koolina oahu

Are You Traveling to Hawaii with Extended Family?

It can be hard to wrangle a large family group, but the payoff is worth it. Family photos just may be the best grandparent present ever. We can keep it simple and stay close or we head off on an adventure. Take advantage of your time together with an easy, laid-back family photo session.

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