Treasure | Honolulu family portraits

We immediately bonded over a cool green rock he discovered on the beach that morning. We continued chatting about rocks and pirate treasure as we made our way to Kahe Point. Yes, it definitely feels like a place you could find hidden treasure. Although we didn’t find any treasure, we did discover some buried glass bottles. Ryan was desperate to dig them up. “They might have messages!”. We vowed to return with better tools another day. The Douglas family only had experience with studio photography in the past. I was excited that they were trusting me to show them some of my favorite places for their morning photo adventure. They were up for anything.

The little guy wasn’t interested in rocks or treasure. He wanted to run. Needed to run. He darted around the grassy field full of glee and we played hide and seek in the trees. When his energy ran low, he returned for cuddles and then he was off again.

After thoroughly exploring the rocky shores, it was time to jump in the water. The sun was shining and the water was warm and inviting. The big surf attracted lots of sea turtles that morning and we stared wide-eyed as the giants cruised around our feet searching for green algae. The boys splashed and giggled until they tired themselves out.  They said goodbye with tired eyes and pockets full of beach treasure. It was a good morning.

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