Light, color, joy | Honolulu family portraits

Two tutu clad bodies clambered from the car into the bright sunshine. They clutched each other hands while examining their unusual surroundings and sniffing the air. We were trying something a little different; trading a bit of color and urban quirk for the typical beach scene. I had scoured Chinatown, downtown, and Kakaako to find something both fun and toddler friendly. That led us behind a row of bright store fronts where the undeniable scent of donuts filled the air. I couldn’t’ decide it it was an ideal atmosphere for a fun session or simply taste bud torture.

 The girls were happy to run around their temporary playground playing with bubbles and chalk. They were prone to spontaneous hugs and hand holding. Little Ava dutifully parroted her big sister and trailered her everywhere. The only hint of conflict came when vying for mom and dad’s attention. “Throw me in the air!” I’m sure both parents were sore the next day after repeated requests for tossing, spinning, and flipping. “Again! Again!” they pleaded. As the sun sank into the horizon, we retreated to a nearby park for one last round of laughs and cuddles. Our urban adventure was a success.

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Are you more urban than beach? Let’s go find some fun pops of color around your neighborhood. Find out more about my fun family photography sessions here.

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