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Ah, big family reunions. They’re always wild and crazy and make me super jealous. As a child I was most comfortable engulfed in the chaos of big family get together. I just loved the noise from wild laughter to heated discussions and the constant motion. People moving in and out through sliding doors allowing the sounds and smells of summer to waft in. I was convinced that four children would not be enough for my own family. Surely six or eight children were mandatory.

Courtney and her family made the journey to Oahu to celebrate their parent’s 50th anniversary (not that they look old enough to have been married for 50 years). They have good taste too and picked a beautiful beach rental on Kahala Beach. It’s a sentimental spot as they spent several years living in the area.

I photographed the group as they moved easily between the house and beach. took photos as they moved in and out of the house. The light became magical as the evening wore on and we even had a chance to gawk at some late season whales breaching offshore.

honolulu family group portraits03-family-exploring-kahala-beach-oahu04-couples-portraits-honolulu-hawaii05-grandparents-and-grandchildren-portraits-in-hawaii06-honolulu-hawaii-best-beach-for-family-portraits07-best-beach-for-kids-on-oahu-kahala-beach08-family-reunion-portraits-at-kahala-beach09-Hawaii-family-lifestyle-portraits_006910-Kahala-Beach-family-lifestyle-portraits_0070

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