Hawaii Twin Photo Session | A Mini Before Leaving

Hawaii is a Transient Place

People from all over the world are drawn to Hawaii and move here every year. But just as quickly, people move away. Especially in our Kailua neighborhood which has a high military population. Our entire family has been fortunate to meet and befriend some amazing military families, but it’s hard when your friendship has an expiration. My daughter mourned the loss of her best friend a full year and a half before she moved away. This summer has been particularly brutal with dozens of dear friends leaving all at once. It felt like a mass exodus.

Although it’s hard to be left behind, it’s harder still to leave when Hawaii has become your home. For this military family, it was time to move on. Before they left, they wanted to capture a mini photo session enjoying a lovely beach morning.

About the Session

The twin boys were a bundle of giggling, joyful energy as we walked to Waimanalo Bay Beach Park. The wide expanse of beach was completely empty with the exception of crabs scurrying along the shore. We immediately set to work chasing and digging for crabs. Afterward, we collected treasure, built sandcastles and shared many hugs and laughs. It was a morningn to remember.

Hawaii Twin Photo Session at Waimanalo Beach Park

Does your time in Hawaii have an expiration date?

Make the most of your time in Hawaii with a family adventure and fun photo session. You can take me to a favorite location or I can suggest one that fits your family. Either way, we will make memories to treasure. Find out more about my family photography sessions here.

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