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Hawaii Photographers in Oahu Have Beautiful Beach Options

“What’s the best beach for family photos?” I get that question often, but I have no answer. There are so many different types of beach on the island. You can find wide, sandy beaches that stretch as far as you can see. There are rocky coasts peppered with tide pools to explore. Some beaches are adjacent to scraggily coastal forest perfect for hammocks. Others are hotel adjacent with beach chairs, bars, and live music. We’re spoiled for choice when it comes to beaches. One of my favorites for photo sessions, however, is Laie Beach Park.

From a photography standpoint, long stretches of sandy beach are boring. It’s hard to get creative with just sand and water. The reason I love Laie Beach is that it’s diverse. Yes, it has a wide swath of smooth sand and fun waves to play in, but it also stunning mountain views. The gorgeous backdrop of the windward coast makes it feel like you’re the only people on the island. The cliffs add drama and texture along with a fun vantage point of the scene below. There’s also a park with interesting trees (often adorned with swings) and a stream outlet that’s always changing.

This Session

In a family, there’s always one person who drives the session. For this session, little X was that person. His energy level was unrivaled. This was his show and we were merely along for the ride. Right out of the car, he made a mad dash for the ocean. Tentatively poked holes for crabs skipped down the beach, climbed trees, and tossed coconuts into the surf drawings with sticks.

Long after we all work out, the baby had long ago fallen asleep, X was still going strong. He would have continued to make sand drawings with oversized sticks all day if we hadn’t coaxed him back to the car. A good start to their Hawaiian vacation.


family walking on the beach at sunrise in hawaiiHawaii Photographers in Oahu photo session at Laie beach Parkboy playing witha coconut at the beach while parents look onoahu baby photographed at the beach while held by dadfamily portraits at laie beach park by Little Bird Photographyfamily playing on the beach in hawaii against a dramatic stormy skyboy on the beach with stick in hawaiimom holding baby sunrise silhouette by Little Bird Photographymom and kids playing together on the beach in oahu photo by Little Bird Photographybaby smiling on a blanket in hawaii beach parkfamily snuggling at laie beach park during family photo session in oahuaerial view of mom and baby on the beach in hawaii photo by Little Bird Photographybaby girl with a bow eating a leaf at the beachFamily at the edge of a cliff looking over th ocean in hawaii during family photoshootoahu family photographer photo of dad and son huggingbaby holding her toes during family photo shootoahu family photographer baby and mom b&w photo by Little Bird PhotographyBoy making footprints along the beach in hawaiiHawaii photographers in oahu family photo session

What does your ideal morning in Hawaii look like?

Grab the family and let’s head outside for a fun morning playing and exploring. We can head to your version of the perfect beach! Find out more about my family photography sessions here.

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