Hawaii Mini Portrait Session | First Trip to the Beach

Is a Hawaii Mini Portrait Session Right for Your Family?

I’m terrible at mini sessions. Terrible. The idea is to make photography more affordable by taking a few images over a short time. In the name of expedience, these 15-20 minute sessions are highly structured and formulaic. Stand there, hold baby, smile, click, click, click. It takes me back to photos from my youth at Olan Mills and JC Penny portrait studio, which is painful for everyone involved.

Still, people often reach out requesting a smaller gallery of images. Maybe they had a photography session recently, but can’t pass up the chance to have more photos taken with Hawaii as the backdrop. Maybe they have a baby and can’t resist taking as many photos as possible at every possible milestone. Whatever the case, sometimes a shorter session and smaller gallery is best.

My goal is to create a great experience where you can play and connect as a family. From that time together I will produce beautiful, meaningful images. I want your gallery to be full of personality and feel like your family. I want them to make you laugh. Make your cry. Make you feel.

And that’s how my Short Story Sessions were created. Sessions include up to an hour of fun and play. The locations are limited to a few stunning beaches and parks that I know extremely well so I can make fast decisions.

A Sunrise to Shock and Awe

They made the long journey to from the mainland and then across the island to Lanikai Beach for baby Sarah’s very first beach experience. Would she love it? Scream in protest at the shifting sand beneath here feet? We walked toward the beach full of anticipation.

As we emerged from the beach path her tiny mouth opened and uttered a small “oh!” as she marveled at the scene before her. After that, everything was amazing and delightful. The sand, the water, dogs walking on the beach, boats offshore, birds overhead, the sun, the sky – everything.

With wide eyes and excited words she full emerged herself in her surroundings. It was love at first sight for this true water baby and an incredible morning that none of us wanted to end.

family photo shoot with a baby at sunrise in hawaii
mom and baby sitting on the shore at lanikai beach
mom and baby photoshoot at lanikai during sunrise
baby with a bouqet of flowers at the beach in hawaii
mom and baby photo session at lanikai beach
family playing at the beach captured by oahu family photographer
dad handing baby a flower at lanikai beach in hawaii
baby exploring a beautiful beach in hawaii
baby giving mom a big kiss at a beach in hawaii

Is your little one making their first trip to the beach?

Let me suggest a baby-friendly beach so you can make some memories. Find out more about my fun family photography sessions here.

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