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A Long Journey

Sweden is nearly at the opposite end of the world from Hawaii. Not only in distance but in terms of weather and culture. But that was part of the appeal. Jenni was planning an epic, multi-destination family trip and decided that Hawaii would be the ultimate final destination. And what better way to document their journey and this stage of their lives than with family photos and a film? The ultimate souvenir.

They wanted something mellow, beautiful and infused with a bit of adventure so they put me in charge of planning. We started with sunrise at serenely beautiful Lanikai Beach and finished with an easy family hike to a nearby waterfall for a contrasting splash of green.

The Perfect Weather for a Photo Session

Although I don’t have a favorite beach for photo sessions, I do have favorite weather. The most stunning on the windward side are those rare ones without wind. I might curse those calm, muggy days at midday, but at sunrise, it’s perfection. Without tiny wavelets rippling the oceans surface, the water sparkles and dances. The girls were happy to play and dance alongside it. When it got too warm, we simply jumped in. The girls took to the beach life immediately. Both delighted at the warm water and sand and played until they couldn’t keep their eyes open.

A Short Waterfall Hike

After lunch and a nap we met again in the afternoon for a dramatically different backdrop. This time we headed mauka and into the forest for a short waterfall hike. Quietly, we explored mossy tree limbs and dangling vines. We were alone save for unseen shama birds filling the trees with their song. As our grand finale, we splashed under the waterfall.

Watch their Hawaii Lifestyle Family Film here.

See a Sample of their Image Gallery here.

a sunrise family photo session at lanikai beach in kailua
mom kissing baby at the beach
sisters dancing at lanikai beach during a sunrise family photo session
family out of focus in shimmering light of sunrise
mom and daughters at lanikai beach at sunrise
family lounging with views of the koolau mountains behind
mom holding baby by the hand
baby learning to walk at lanikai beach oahu during a photoshoot by little bird photography
family hug at the beach
family playing in the water at lanikai beach during a family photography session
dad and baby at lanikai beach during a family photo session
dad and daughter swimming in calm water at lanikai beach

to likeke falls

family hike in windward oahu
baby in a carrier on a family hike in oahu hawaii
baby at likeke falls in oahu
family at likeke waterfall hike in oahu

Do You Have an Adventurous Family?

I like to play travel guide and match families to great locations so they can simply play and explore. What type of adventure are you up for? Find out more about my fun family photos and films here.

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