Hawaii Family Photos at Waimanalo Beach| Moving Day

Goodbye Hawaii

In the midst of packing to move overseas, Dennis and his family realized they wanted family photos. They needed them. Only two more weeks remained in a home they loved. Soon there would be no more warm evenings at the beach with the girls jumping waves and building sandcastles. They didn’t want to forget how tightly the girls clung to their hands as they stood by the shore. Or how their sandy faces lit up as they chased the surf back and forth endlessly. And so, in the mire of cardboard boxes and moving checklists, they reached out for a family photo session.

Hawaii Family Photos For the Win

And so we set out for one last beach day. One last big celebration of Hawaii in all its tropical magic. We lucked out with the weather and pulled into the parking lot of Sherwood Beach on a clear evening. Crowds of beach revelers were also enjoying the great weater so we ducked into the forest.

The girls were shy and reluctant at first, barely lifting their eyes to the new stranger. However, after a few games, they couldn’t help themselves. Quiet giggles quickly escalated into big belly laughs and they were fully absorbed in the joys of a family beach day.

We laughed and played under the golden light of the forest and as the summer heat became more bearable, we traded the shade of the forest for sand feet. Waves crashed dramatically on the sloped shore sending the girls running for cover. They squealed with delight and ventured further and further offshore. We stayed until the sky turned pink and the air began to cool. It was a perfect beach day.

family walking in sherwood forest in waimanalo oahu
mom and her girls during a hawaii family photo shoot
mom swinging daughter in the forest while laughing
toddler girl in the forest with mom in the background by little bird photography
mom swinging laughing daughter during a family photoshoot in oahu
closeup portrait of a toddler exploring the forest at sherwoods in waimanalo oahu
dad holding daughter in the air at sherwood beach in waimanalo
mom hugging daughter during a family portrait session at sherwood beach
toddler daughter dances on moms feet during a family photo session at sherwoods by little bird photography
couple laughing at waimanalo beach
mom and daughter share a moment during a family photoshoot
sisters hugging during a family photo session in oahu
girl ding a happy dance at waimanalo beach
little girl with big slippers on the beach
sisters hugging on the beach
dad throwing daughter in the air at sunset during a family photo session in oahu
hawaii family photos at waimanalo beach oahu

Does Your Time In Hawaii Have an Expiration Date?

Let’s make the most of it and plan a fun family evening to remember! Hawaii family photos don’t have to be painful. Find out more about my fun family photography sessions here.

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