Hawaii Family Lifestyle Portraits | Searching for Fairies

A Special Birthday Gift

Tanya reached out from Australia, bubbling with excitement. Her brother and his family were visiting Hawaii to celebrate his 40th birthday and she had the perfect gift idea. Family photos – a little family adventure and some beautiful memories to take home to Australia. Well, Tanya couldn’t quite decide between family photos and family film so we did a little bit of both. Shay and Kellie were nearing the end of their two-week stay and were feeling completely relaxed and mellow. They enjoyed many perfect beach days, lounging by the pool and browsing through boutiques in Waikiki. A dolphin encounter at Sea Life Park was a major highlight. They were feeling good and up for anything.

About the Session

The family was staying in Waikiki without access to a car so I suggested nearby Nuuanu Valley Park. It conveniently happens to be a personal favorite. Bird song flows from towering banyan trees and oversized leaves tickle your legs as you move through the park. It’s vibrant and full of life. Everything feels a bit magical there. You get the sense that if fairies were real, they would definitely live in the park. Three-year-old Emily came prepared with wings of her own and we set off to search for fairies. We checked under leaves, inside trees, and among roots snaking through the forest floor. No luck finding fairies, but it was certainly fun to look.

Watch their sweet little film below.

Catch some highlights from their photo session here.

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What would your family adventure look like?

The best photos, the most meaningful photos, come when you’re having fun and enjoying time together as a family. So let’s plan a fun day for your family and head off on your own custom adventure! Find out more about my Hawaii Family Lifestyle Portraits and films here.

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