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A Beach for Little Explorers

The rain and clouds have been relentless this year. The calm, clear days of spring were few and far between. But on this particular day, the rain worked in our favor. Alan Davis Beach is a favorite of mine. The unassuming beach could once only be accessed by a discrete little path off the Makapuu lighthouse trail. Following the rocky path past Hawaiian cotton, swaying grasses, and thorny kiawe would lead you to a gentle cove. It may not look like much, but it was a toddler’s paradise. There were rocks to climb, shallow water to splash in, tidepools to search, and space to run. The light in the evening would cast a lovely warmth over the scene that made the world feel magical. Captivated by the glow of sunset, we would stay too long and have to make our way back to the car in the moonlight.

A Break in the Rain and a Beach All Our Own

We made many trips when the kids were small, but lately the improved trail has led to more crowds and less magic. Anthony and Nicole, dear friends and fellow adventure lovers, are also charmed by this spot so we chanced it. We arrived to fat rain drops and blustery winds. Sandy, disheveled crowds were sprinting to their cars with coolers and gear in tow. And just like that, the rain stopped and we had the trail to ourselves. Yes, we did experience a drizzle or two and yes, it was a bit on the chilly side, but we managed to have a lovely evening at our very own beach.

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Let’s Plan a Fun Family Day and Make Some Memories.

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