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family plays on the beach during family photos at sunrise hanalei bay kauai

The Best of Kauai – Hanalei family beach portraits

Hanalei Bay is hands down my favorite spot on Kauai. The white sand beach curls gently around the deep blue of the ocean while bold mountains watch over the salty scene. When Melissa reached out for family photos and mentioned it was her favorite beach too, I was happy to jump onto a flight and meet them on the north shore of Kauai.

It’s the perfect spot for a family who deeply loves the ocean. I had to hold the kids back for a bit for some, well, dry family portraits. Not to worry, I have lots of tricks up my sleeve in the forms of games and random silliness to distract from the lure of the ocean – at least for a little bit. Slowly we moved closer to the water and began to explore. Tiny seashells and interesting sticks were all examined with care.

Low tide left a smooth slick of water on the sand and waves had carved out mini streams. Navigating these obstacles kept us busy until it was too warm to deny the ocean any longer

Into the blue

After a quick change it was finally time to dive into the bay. I readied my water camera and braced for impact. Honestly, it was the perfect temperature – a slight chill to ward off the bright heat of the sun. However, I’m a definite wimp in the face of anything moderately cold and it shocks me every time. While I waded in slowly with a pained expression, the kids showed no hesitation. One look at the perfect, clean waves and they were submerged.

Perfect, clean waves made it an ideal playground. They spent the rest of the morning jumping waves and body surfing. Deep belly grumbles put an end to our fun and they headed off for breakfast with promises to return soon.

boy playing on the beach hanalei bay
mom and daughter portrait on the beach north shore kauai
mom and son portrait sunrise hanalei kauai
kauai family portraits at sunrise in hanalei
mom and daughter photo at hanalei beach on kauai
calm blue water at hanalei bay
portrait of a girl with a plant and mountains on the beach in hawaii
sibling portrait at sunrise during family photoshoot on kauai
siblings jumping in synchrony north shore kauai vacation photos
photo of a boy with glasses laughing and kauai mountains in the background
girl with long hair watching the waves in hanalei bay during family photoshoot
dad hugs daughter at the beach in hawaii with mountains beyond
portrait of mom and son laughing during family photo session kauai haawaii
family beach portrait at hanalei bay kauai
girl at the beach with blue sky beyond hawaii beach
dad and son tossing a ball at hanalei beach kauai
boy body surfing at the beach
kids swimming in hanalei bay
kids playing on a sand bank at a beach in hawaii
family plays in the blue water of hawaii

Do you have a beach loving family?

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