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When we chatted before her session Marianne told me she was awkward in front of the camera and preferred a more candid approach to family photos. “Me too”, I replied. In all honesty, I hate having my photo taken and scheduling photo sessions for my own family is a painful experience. But the resulting images are priceless. I mean, it’s my chosen field so of course, i’m going to geek out over photography, but there’s something undeniably special about a photographer really seeing and capturing who you are as a family.

Still, it’s been a year and a half since our last family photoshoot. I feel time pressing on me, urging me to make it happen. The kids have changed so much in that short time and we’re about to slip into the tween years. Yet I drag my feet on photos. It’s hard to admit, but my excuses are embarrassingly banal – “Things are too hectic right now” and “After I lose those extra pounds.”

To those of you actively searching for a family photographer, I applaud you for making it happen. It’s no easy feat. And I hope you find your person. Someone who can showcase the love and personality and goofiness in your own family. Don’t settle for less.

About the Session

Family vacations and birthdays are both good excuses for photos and Marianne’s family was celebrating both. They made the journey west from Waikiki to Paradise Cove Beach in Koolina where I promised them a mellow day playing under the Hawaiian sun. It was ideal because they wanted to play in the warm blue water and extra special because there were married in Koolina. I eased them into the session with silly games and before long, they were in their own world. Emme, with her gap-toothed smile, helped. On the eve of her seventh birthday, she was full joy and charisma. When she wasn’t mugging for the camera she was happily pulling her parents along to play and explore every inch of the cove. It was an amazing day to celebrate.

Fun Family Photo Session at paradise cove in koolina oahu
portrait of mom and daughter exploring paradise cove by little bird photography
family portrait at paradise cove beach in hawaii
dad and daughter portrait at paradise cove
holding hands
sweet portrait of mom and daughter at koolina beach in hawaii
family looking at hermit crabs during a fun family photo session in hawaii
portrait of a girl with two front teeth missing
portrait of a dad and daughter at the beach
family exploring the inter-tidal zone at paradise cove beach
mom and daughter laugh during a fun family photography session in oahu
underwater family photo session in hawaii
mom and daughter sharing a laugh in koolina lagoon during a family portrait session
dad and daughter getting ready to snorkel at koolina lagoon in oahu
underwater family portrait in hawaii
mom and daughter looking for fish during a fun family photo session in hawaii
mom and daughter floating in the turquoise waters of koolina lagoon in hawaii
childrens portraits at the beach in hawaii by little bird photography
girl in a rainbow inter-tube in hawaii
mom and daughter portraits during a Fun Family Photo Session in hawaii
water portrait of mom and daughter in koolina hawaii
mom and daughter sitting in the intertidal zone
portrait of a girl and her mom in the water of paradise cove in koolina lagoon
girl walking out to the beach with shadow of a palm tree in hawaii
girl swimming under water in hawaii

Are You Awkward in Front of the Camera?

Let’s try something a little different. We’ll talk so I can plan a morning that’s fun for your family. I’ll provide some direction in the beginning to help ease you into your photo session, and soon you will be too busy playing and exploring as a family to worry about photos. All of the fun. None of the awkward. Find out more about family photography sessions here.

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