Jump in! | Four seasons Koolina photographer

In every family there seems to be one person in charge of memories. They take on role of historian and work feverishly to capture major milestones, big events, and family vacations. Whether you love it (me) or feel overwhelmed by the demand (also me), you often find that you don’t make it into family pictures yourself. I’ve actually had my kids ask “Where were you on our road trip through California?” “Why weren’t you there?” Um, I was the one lying on the wet, cold sand to get the perfect angle for that picture. So sometimes it means you need to take a break and jump into the action yourself.

In this family, Deron was the one in need of a break. She booked her photo session, walked the 5 minutes from Four Seasons to Paradise Cove, and her job as vacation historian was done. We eased into the quiet morning with lots of snuggles and family time until the kids started to pine for the water. I had to agree with them. The sunlight hitting the water turned it a brilliant blue that seemed to call us. Into the water we went in search of fish, turtles, and more fun.

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Want to get in the pictures yourself for a change? Let’s plan a fun and easy day to make some beautiful memories. Find out more about my family photography sessions here.

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