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Relaxing at the Four Seasons

As much as Adrianne longs for beautiful family photos, they’ve always proven to be a struggle. Her family didn’t fit that static mold. Past attempts to stand still, follow directions and smile always proved disastrous. She reached out because she wanted something different. After all, they are a mellow family and wanted to relax and actually enjoy their vacation. Not stress about photos. She hoped to experience a lovely morning together and capture more personality and love and less stress.

About the Session

To keep things as easy and stress-free as possible, I recommended meeting at Paradise Cove Beach in Koolina. They made the short walk from the Four Seasons to the quiet cove for a morning of possibility.

At first, the kids eyed me warily as if I were about to ruin the promise of beach fun. However, it didn’t take long before they were too absorbed in their own explorations to worry about the strange person with a camera. The baby delighted in all the textures at the beach – the sand, the water, the rocks. She dug her pudgy feet into the sand and grinned with delight. Over time, she became more daring and ventured further into the water. Eventually, she was fully sitting in the water, laughing as waves passed by tickling her neck.

Meanwhile, her brother was engrossed in his own activities. That morning he discovered the joy of skipping rocks. Everyone once in a while we convinced him to take a break to play or cuddle and although these breaks were fun, he was always eager to return to his happy place and skip more rocks.

Before we left, a few sea turtles entered the cove. They swam around our legs hungrily chasing bright green leaves of algae. It was a great way to end the session. No tears, no drama. Just a wonderful little family making memories in a beautiful cove in Hawaii

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Four Seasons Family Photographer photo session
family playing on the beach in hawaii during a family photo session
b&w photo of mom and baby looking for flowers in hawaii
toddler on the beach in hawaii with sun flare
dad throwing sun in the air during a family photo session in paradise cove oahu
mom and baby portrait in hawaii
family exploring paradise cove in koolina hawaii
mom and daughter watching dad and son play in the water during a family photo session.
family cuddling at the edge of the water during a family photo session
mom walking on the beach in hawaii with toddler girl by little bird photography
sea turtle swimming near a family at paradise cove oahu during a family photo session
boy playing in the shallow water of paradise cove in koolina
dad and son playing in the water in hawaii
mom cuddling baby in the blue water of paradise cove lagoon in hawaii
mom and baby portrait in the water of paradise cove in koolina oahu

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