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Birthday Memories

Four years ago I made my very first client film for this family. It was Sophie’s first birthday and her very first visit to the beach. Even though they live minutes from the Koolina lagoons, they’re not big beach people and had never made the trip. We thought it would be a fun occasion for a visit. We reminisced about that day when they called to schedule a follow-up photo and film session. I remember the soft, glowing light on that perfect Hawaiian morning. I remember Sophie’s inquisitive nature and how her parents couldn’t keep their eyes off her. They beamed with pride and love. But memory is a funny thing because I had completely forgotten that I had full-blown bronchitis during that session including a wicked cough that made talking a struggle. Maybe that makes me an optimist.

The Magic of Nuuanu Valley

For their new photo session, they wanted a change of scenery so we traded the beach for a park. Not just any park, but Nuuanu Valley Park. A park dripping with the green and tropical-ness of their Hawaii home.

They pulled into the parking lot and an excited girl with long, brown ringlets emerged from the car in a burst of energy and questions. Which outfit should she wear? Which accessories? Could she wear them all at once and what were we all waiting for? They’re a creative family that values imagination so dressing up was a must. Princess dresses, superhero capes, and intricate Haku lei were jammed into a bag along with a hefty edition of Harry Potter and we set off for a bit of adventure.

It was a fast-paced session and I struggled to keep up. Sophie’s inquisitive, fun nature has only grown and she wanted to do everything all at once. She joyfully skipped from one spot to the next. Eager to keep moving and twirling and climbing. Laughing all the while. We only paused to read a bit of Harry Potter and imagine dragons lurking in the forest.

Watch their family video below.

See a sample of images from their photo gallery here.

a family shares a big hug during a session by a family videographer hawaii
portrait of a girl in hawaii with a haku lei
mom and daughter laughing during a family photo session by little bird photography
a starburst in a hawaiian forest
mom and daughter on a tree branch wearing haku lei in hawaii
girl sitting on dads shoulders during a hwaii photo session at nuuanu valley park
portrait of laughing mom and daughter wearing haku lei in hawaii
portrait of a girl with a haku lei in nuuanu valley park
girl running to parents in nuuanu park oahu
happy girl spinning in nuuanu park wearing a belle dress
dad kissing the hand of toddler daughter dressed as disney princess

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