Family Reunions in Hawaii

The Bigness of Sherwood Forest in Waimanalo

When you live on a small island and the press of traffic and bodies and heat seems to grow every year, you treasure the few last open spaces. Wide open areas where you feel you can breathe. There are still a few beaches that make you feel small against the vast beauty of nature. Sherwood forest, tucked against the Koolau Mountains in Waimanalo, is one of those special places. For a family reunion dominated by small boys bursting with energy, the bigness of Sherwoods Beach was the perfect setting.

Fun and Chaotic Family Reunions in Hawaii

Although it’s often seen in a negative light, there is fun and beauty in chaos. When you combine families with a total of six boys under five years of age, you get chaos. It’s unavoidable. There is a constant hum of energy with the occasional personality clash. Shy and sensitive abutting boisterous and energetic. Yet, in the in-between moments, there are also tender displays of love and affection. A helping hand, an arm around the shoulder or a silly joke to put a smile back on the tear-streaked face of a cousin.

If you’re calm and collected like these amazingly patient parents, you will find love beneath the chaos. We spent a lovely morning in the wide-open space of Waimanalo and made beautiful memories. I left them exhausted and in dire need of a coffee and nap, but everyone was still smiling. It was all worth it.

Family Reunions in Hawaii
grandma opening arms wide for a hug from grandson at the beach
hawaii vacation photo at waimanalo beach
grandparents snuggle newborn baby at the beach in hawaii
Mom snuggling her three boys during a beach photo shoot in hawaii
dad gives toddler son a fierce hug at the beach
a group of young boys climbind a tree captured by little bird photography
oahu newborn portraits at the beach
boy grabbing dads son during a family photo session on oahu
boys playing at the beach
cousins playing together at the beach during a family reunion
boy holding dads hand at sherwood forest in waimanalo
cousins running on the beach in hawaii
grandpa looks lovingly at new grandson during a family photo shoot in oahu
dad and his sons
cousins share a silly story at the beach
sisters share a laugh at the beach during a family reunion
family sharing a laugh during a photo session in waimanalo
couple celebrating a 50th anniversary at the beach in hawaii
mom and her adult daughters hug at the beach during a family photoshoot
grandma proudly holds new baby at the beach
oahu newborn photographer at waimanalo beach
boys sharing a story at the beach
family portrait in hawaii at the beach

Are You Planning a Family Reunion in Hawaii?

Make the most of your time together with a family photo session. Whether you have a wild, energetic family or a more subdued group, I can plan a session that’s right for you. Find out more about my fun family photo sessions here.


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